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Earlier, we did a blog post on makeup tips for indoor studio photoshoots. If you are not going to wear makeup, but still want to know how to best prepare your skin for your upcoming photoshoot, we have written just the post for you.

Here are 5 tips on how to prep your bare skin for a photoshoot!

1. Do Not Apply Products With SPF

As mentioned in our post on makeup tips for studio shoots, SPF products like sunscreen or tinted moisturisers contain ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that protect the skin from sun damage by reflecting light. This reflective property of SPF products causes the light from the camera flash to bounce off your skin, producing a white, ghostly cast on your skin in the photos.
We recommend skipping sunscreen or moisturisers with SPF on the day of your shoot, to ensure you avoid this undesirable side effect in your photos.

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2. Sleep Early!

In the days leading up to your shoot, it’s best to go to bed early to ensure that you get adequate rest. It is recommended that an adult should get an average of 7-9 hours of sleep a night.
During sleep, blood flow to the skin is increased, and this allows your skin to rebuild its collagen and heal damage from UV exposure.
This prevents dark eye circles, dull skin, and puffy eyes on the day of your shoot- and in the long run, good sleep habits can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevent age spots.

3. Avoid Heavy Moisturisers or Lotions

If your morning skincare routine involves using a heavy moisturiser or lotion, we recommend you skip this step on the morning of your shoot.
Heavy or thick formulations in moisturisers may take a while to absorb into your skin, and instead, sit upon the surface of your skin. This results in your face looking greasy or oily when the flash from the camera bounces off your skin.
Heavy moisturisers may also prevent moisture from evaporating from your skin quickly and instead allows it to collect into sweat droplets on your skin.
To avoid looking sweaty or greasy in your photos, take a break from your heavy moisturisers for the day.

4. Schedule Your Beauty Procedures Early

Always schedule your beauty appointments a few days prior to your shoot, instead of the day before or on the day of your photoshoot.
Procedures such as facials, exfoliation, or eyebrow threading and waxing can leave your skin red and irritated for several days, and it is best to plan ahead to prevent this from showing up in your photos.
It is also recommended that you avoid trying any new beauty procedures or products the week before your photography session, in case you encounter any unexpected side effects.

5. Bring Tissues!

It is inevitable you get some shine on your face during your photoshoot.
Whether it is due to hot weather, movement during posing, or your skin type, there is no escaping your skin’s natural tendency to produce oil.
This is where a small packet or box of tissues can come in handy during the shoot.
By using a piece of tissue to gently tap or blot at your face, you can absorb the extra oil on your skin and reduce the shine that appears in your photos.
And remember to always blot gently! Do not rub, as this may irritate your skin and turn it red and blotchy.

Alternatively, even if you do not wear makeup, you may consider investing in a loose powder that takes away shine more effectively and for longer periods of time. Just bear in mind not to use any powders that contain silica, as they tend to reflect light in a similar way that SPF does.

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With these 5 tips, we hope to have given you some useful advice on how to prepare your skin for your photoshoot so that you look your best.

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