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Elevate your music or celebrate a landmark event with a music video

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Music Video Production Services Singapore

In Singapore, music video production serves multiple purposes other than entertainment.

While music videos may make you think of the videos that music artistes release to complement their songs, music video production covers more than just that.

Other types of music videos include those made to celebrate a milestone event or a celebration for the organisation, such as a school celebrating their 50th anniversary. Government organisations also use videos with original music as fun ways to build public awareness on issues such as health warnings or phishing scams. Corporations take advantage of catchy jingles or songs written to promote their brands or sales events, and commission music videos to match these songs as part of their promotional activities.

Regardless of their purpose, music videos should be well-thought out in terms of concept and set design. In addition to being well-directed and aesthetically appealing, they should match the mood and message of their songs and events.

Why COCO Creative Studio? 

Whether you are a musician looking to complete the visual component of your music, or a commercial brand wanting to create a fun music video to drum up brand awareness, we at COCO Creative Studio can help.

Our videographers will work with you to gain understanding on the vision behind your request, and use their skill and expertise to create content that is in harmony with your music.

Our services extend beyond videography, and we can also provide external services required for the shoot. This includes professional make-up artists, set designers, art directors, stylists, and casting talents to appear in the videos. We will do our best to ensure that your experience working with us is as smooth and seamless as possible, to deliver a music video that will impress and entertain your viewers.Contact us at or through our contact page for any enquiries you may have regarding our music video production services in Singapore.