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Communicating with and educating our fellow citizens

Institutional and Government Video Production Services Singapore

Institutional and government video production plays an important part in educating the public in Singapore on a variety of issues.

Modern and efficient government agencies and institutions are relying increasingly on video content to meet the public where they spend a major part of their time- online.
The advancement of technology has given rise to the internet’s current broad reach. The public are able to access informational government-produced videos on the internet at their leisure, rather than only relying on set timings of broadcast on the radio or television.

Government agencies are thus able to create more content covering a wider variety of topics, ranging from videos on campaigns, to recruitment videos, to explainer videos on national initiatives.
Examples of these include the Singapore Road Safety Council’s campaign for greater road safety awareness or the SkillsFuture initiative to promote upskilling and lifelong learning.

These videos can be fun and entertaining, or veer toward a more formal and educational tone. Either way, government video production should impart information that is clear and easy to understand, and also be respectful and sensitive to the various communities that coexist in Singapore.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

At COCO Creative Studio, we can help your organisation to plan your content from concept to script, and then move on to create the final video product. Our team will work with yours to find ways to impart information to the public in a manner that is engaging, easy to understand, and respectful.

From entertaining dramatizations featuring local public figures, to more educational short documentary videos, our videographers are able to handle a wide variety of concepts and genres utilised by government agencies to communicate with the public.

For our services in institutional and government video production, do contact us at, or through our website’s contact page. We would love to chat with you and find out more on how we can help your organisation.