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Let us capture the highlights of your latest event with our event video production services.

Event Videography Services Singapore

Capture memories of your event in a video

Hundreds of events, both corporate and private, are organised throughout Singapore every day- grab the opportunity to make everlasting memories out of yours with our event videography services.

From a group workshop to the opening of a new retail store, our videographers have your event video needs covered.

An event’s usefulness as a promotional tool for your company does not have to end the moment your last guest leaves the venue. Let the money and effort you’ve invested in the event pay off in other ways long after the date.
Videos of company events are a useful tool in promoting your corporation to clients or investors. You can use these videos to advertise upcoming events of the same theme, or drum up interest in the company’s services or goods.
Additionally, a professional and well-produced event video made with us promotes your company as a brand that values quality work, reflecting your dedication to professionalism in every aspect.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

At COCO Creative Studio, we stitch together the best moments of your event into a tidy video package for your event participants to relive the experience, or new viewers to have a glimpse of what went on.

We understand the commitment and effort put into organizing a spectacular event. That is why we do our best to ensure that the videos and mementos from the event accurately reflect the wonder of the day itself, allowing you to look back on the experience with pride.

Our Singapore-based team of videographers will customise your video experience according to each event, and the specific purposes your brand wishes to use the video for. This provides your business with a tailor-made solution to all your events’ video needs.
Contact us at or drop us an inquiry to find out more about our event video production services.