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Event Videography in Singapore

Are you looking for captivating event video services to capture and preserve the magic of your special occasions? At COCO Creative Studio, we specialize in creating stunning event videos that bring your events to life. From weddings and corporate events to conferences and concerts, our team of experienced videographers and editors will ensure every moment is beautifully documented. With our event video services, you can relive the excitement, emotions, and memorable moments of your event for years to come. Trust us to tell your unique story and deliver exceptional event videos that leave a lasting impression.

Nuceuticals Event Video

L’oreal Event Highlights

Singapore Road Safety Council Safety Event 2022

Gemba CE LA VIE Event Video

Bosch Event Video

Uncaged Into the Deep

FHA Food and Beverage Event 2023

Dotdigital Summit Roadshow Singapore

T100 PTO Triathlon Race – 2023

The Form Store Opening Launch

Elle & Vire Event – Ambassador Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore – Christmas Decoration Lighting Show

Orchard Central – CNY 2024 at Far East Mall

Holland Village – CNY 2024 at Far East Mall

Holland Village – Christmas at Far East Mall

Orchard Central – Christmas at Far East Mall

Event Video Case Studies



We had the privilege of capturing the essence and excitement of L’oreal’s prestigious event through our event video services. Our skilled team meticulously documented the event, showcasing the glamorous atmosphere, and captivating moments. With careful attention to detail and creative storytelling, we crafted a compelling video that captured the essence of L’oreal’s brand and the energy of the event. The result was a visually stunning and engaging video that effectively conveyed the event’s highlights, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

1. What is an event video?

Event video refers to the process of capturing and documenting live events, such as weddings, corporate gatherings, conferences, and concerts, through video recording. It aims to preserve the essence, atmosphere, and key moments of the event, allowing people to relive those experiences even after the event has ended.

2. Why should you get event video services in Singapore?

Getting event video services in Singapore ensures that you can capture the precious moments and highlights of your special occasions. These professionally captured videos allow you to relive the emotions, details, and memories of your events, preserving them for years to come. Event videos also serve as valuable marketing tools for businesses, showcasing their events and enhancing their brand presence.

3. Why should you choose us as your event videographers in Singapore?

As your trusted event videographers in Singapore, we bring years of experience, technical expertise, and a creative approach to capturing and producing high-quality event videos. Our skilled team understands the unique demands of each event, ensuring we capture the key moments, emotions, and details that make your event special. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, professionalism, and a final product that exceeds your expectations. Trust us to turn your event into a captivating visual story that will leave a lasting impression.

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How much does it cost to produce event videos?

The cost of producing event videos can vary depending on several factors, such as the duration of the event, the complexity of the project, the equipment and crew required, the editing and post-production work, and any additional services or features requested. It is best to contact us directly with specific details about your event so that we can provide you with a tailored quotation that suits your needs and budget. We strive to offer competitive pricing while delivering high-quality event videos that capture the essence and excitement of your event.

What is the typical lead time to edit event videos?

The typical lead time to edit event videos can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. It involves various stages such as video selection, trimming, sequencing, adding transitions, incorporating audio, color grading, and finalizing the overall editing process. Generally, it can take around 5-7 working days. The specific timeline will be determined based on the project requirements and our production schedule.

What do I need to prepare before asking for an event video service quotation?

Before requesting an event video service quotation from us, there are a few things you can prepare to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Share the destination, event details, insights into the atmosphere and mood you want to portray and deliverables for the event shoot. Whether it’s a specific theme, atmosphere or storytelling approach. This will help us understand your vision and provide a tailored quote.

How much time is required to start an event video production project with COCO Creative Studio?

The time required to start an event video production project with COCO Creative Studio depends on several factors. Once we have a clear understanding of your project requirements, including the event date and scope, we can provide you with a specific timeline. We strive to accommodate our clients’ timelines and deliver high-quality videos in a timely manner. It’s recommended to reach out to us as early as possible to discuss your project details and allow ample time for planning, pre-production, and coordination to ensure a smooth and successful production process.

What are COCO Creative Studio’s cancellation policies for event video production?

At COCO Creative Video, we have a cancellation policy in place to ensure efficient project planning and resource allocation. We require clients to make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quotation amount before the project begins. This policy is designed to maintain fairness and uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.