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Documentary Video Production Services Singapore

Raise important social and environmental issues in Singapore and beyond with documentary video production.

Documentary video production plays an important part in raising awareness of social and environmental issues and educating the public. Documentaries can highlight environmental crises like climate change, or social injustices towards underprivileged minorities, or tell the stories of inspirational or tragic figures in history.
A good documentary is well-paced, educational but not boring, and seeks to tell a story without being preachy. With the interconnectedness of the world today, there may be several documentaries already made of the same subject or issue. It is important that a new documentary in the making offers a new perspective or new information that the audience has not already seen before.

Corporations can also use documentary video production to create documentary style content to detail the company’s history, branding, products or services, and goals for the future. This content can be used for corporate marketing purposes- to educate viewers on the company’s background, products, and priorities.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

Whether you have a story you want to tell, or if you are a corporation who wants to share more about the company, COCO Creative Studio has a solution for the production needs of your documentary video.
Our founder José Jeuland, started his photography career in documentary photography. With his keen eye for detail, and curious and engaging personality, he quickly took to the genre.
Now, he has transferred his skills and approach from the medium of photography to videography. While the technical skills may differ, he still uses a genuine, inquisitive approach to interact with his subjects, making them feel comfortable enough to open up in front of the camera.

We are open to documentary projects not only in Singapore, but abroad as well. At COCO Creative Studio, we are curious and open to challenges, and would love to help you tell your stories in an engaging and beautiful manner. Contact us at or through our contact page for more information about our documentary video services.