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We are COCO Creative Studio.


Jose Jeuland

Founder, Photographer & Art Director Of COCO Creative Studio

Jose Jeuland, ex-professional triathlete turned professional photographer specialises in commercial, advertising, editorial, and documentary photography. Hailing from the quaint town of Brittany in France, Jose has always been traveling around the world for both photography and sport careers.

Portrait photography remains one of Jose’s trademarks, and it features heavily throughout his street, travel, and documentary photography works. Some of his most notable works in this genre includes photography exhibitions “Haenyeo” and “Longevity Okinawa”, both of which were featured at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. These photographs were widely publicised in various international publications such as The National Geographic, Forbes Magazine, Lens Magazine and many more. Jose’s Haenyeo portraits were also showcased on stage during the iconic Irish rock band U2’s concert in Seoul. Audiences have often remarked at how deeply they have resonated with Jose’s photography work.

The print side of photography also appeals to Jose, who believes that the final outcome that print photographs deliver is one of the highlights of photography. Now based in Singapore, Jose runs COCO Creative Studio where he produces commercial photography and directs video production for his clients alongside his team.



Account Manager

Dionne has made a seamless transition from her role as a Visionary Creative Lead to become an Account Manager here at COCO Creative Studio. In her new capacity, she dedicates herself to nurturing client relationships to ensure utmost satisfaction, all while upholding our agency’s standards and nurturing team development. With an impressive talent for aligning client needs with our creative vision, Dionne stands at the forefront of our unified and inventive team’s dynamics. Her embodiment of client-centric excellence and creative leadership truly defines the core of our agency’s triumph.
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Client Serving/ Admin

Sharon is an Admin Maestro, behind the scenes, she conjures order out of chaos, ensuring our agency’s gears spin like clockwork. With a knack for taming paperwork beasts and orchestrating seamless processes, Sharon is the secret to our behind-the-scenes success. She make sure our creatives stars shine even brighter
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Hailing from France, Oscar has made significant contributions to prestigious productions like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and more. He refined his craft at a top film school in Paris, dedicating himself to developing his artistic skills. Oscar’s expertise has played a crucial role in bringing creative visions to life, and his impressive background reflects a commitment to excellence in the world of creative production.


Assistant Photographer and Videographer

Mae Hweei is a multimedia artist whose body of work spans from short films and documentary photography to interactive installations. She calls both Singapore and Malaysia home and believes that cucumbers are just glorified watermelon rinds. As an assistant commercial photographer and videographer, Mae Hweei has covered projects ranging from concerts and conferences to hospitality and F&B.
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Dylan is an emerging artist who sings and directs his own music videos. His versatile voice and creative flair shine in both fields. As an assistant photographer and videographer with COCO Creative Studio, he adds a unique touch to projects. Dylan’s journey is defined by his commitment to excellence and a passion for creativity in the arts.


Creative, Retoucher

With 20 years of experience collaborating with brands such as SK-II, Subway, KFC, and Colgate, Jyean serves as our Digital Creative Artist. Her keen eye for detail allows her to refine and perfect digital assets with precision.
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Queenie graduated in business marketing and management but followed her passion for the creative arts by switching to design communication. Now, as our core creative, she ensures perfection in post-production. Queenie’s meticulous approach, makes her an indispensable part of our team.


Assistant Production Creative

Akshata started as in intern at COCO Creative Studio and has now become an essential team member. She supports the team in various creative ways, showcasing her resourcefulness and skills. She brings her passion for the arts to everything she does, making a significant impact on our projects.