Corporate Group Headshot Photography

Create a consistent narrative in your company images

Corporate Group Headshot


Want uniformity and consistency in the quality and standards of employee headshots and corporate group shots? A corporate group headshot session is a great way to ensure that the images of your employees on your website, social media, or marketing material are all of similar style and quality.

By booking a group shoot for your employees, the same photographer or studio will be photographing and editing their headshots or group photos. This provides a more reliable and consistent series of images for your company to use.
Aspects such as shot size (half-body, full-body, or close up), backdrops, or location- if not using backdrops, can all be standardized as well. This translates to a seamless and well-planned look for your company content.

Why COCO Creative Studio?


At COCO Creative Studio, we have experience in conducting large corporate shoots with multiple individuals.
We understand that your employees will be busy with their work, and strive to keep things as fuss-free and convenient as possible.

Our team is able to work quickly and efficiently to capture headshots of your employees without sacrificing quality.
We can shoot in our studio, or travel down to your company office to shoot on-site.
While shooting on-location, we will travel down with all the required professional gear and equipment, so that you get the same quality of photographs as you would get in a session in the studio.

We also have an array of backdrops to suit your company’s needs, including paper backdrops, both white and coloured, and hand-painted canvas backdrops. If you require a paper backdrop in a specific colour that we do not have in our studio, we are able to accommodate and order it in for you.

We have worked with the likes of Grab, Johnson & Johnson, SkillsFuture, Leonteq, and many others to provide corporate group headshot services for their employees.