Give your audience a bird’s eye view

Drone Video Production Services Singapore


Create amazing content that shows Singapore from another point of view with drone video services.

There is no denying that video productions that include high vantage drone footage will always be at least a little bit impressive. Having an elevated view that encompasses far more than what you can normally see is a novel and exciting experience.

Drone video production can be used for a variety of purposes.
Drone videos can be used to film large properties in order to provide a sense of scale and show off the size and facilities of the property. Venues that can benefit from such content include hotels, resorts, golf courses, and theme parks, to name a few. These videos are often impressive and visually stunning, as they offer the viewer an idea of how expansive the property is, and shows them a new perspective of the location.

Another use of drone footage would be for filming outdoor events- such as open-air concerts, festivals, or weddings. Instead of only recording moments between individuals or small groups, drone footage can capture the atmosphere and excitement of the entire event from a higher vantage point instead.
Lastly, areas of natural beauty are also a popular choice for drone footage, as there is something magical about being able to view a vast expanse of Mother Nature stretched out before you. This also allows the videographer to capture footage that can potentially avoid obstructions such as other visitors and tourists, which may ruin the tranquil atmosphere of the location.

However, drone videography comes with strict rules, especially in Singapore. There are regulations regarding where drones are allowed to fly, the maximum weight of a drone, as well as the altitude at which a drone is allowed to fly.

Why COCO Creative Studio? 

At COCO Creative Studio, we are thorough in our research of what can and cannot be done with our services in drone video production. We will advise you on the possibilities and will discuss with you alternative solutions if a request is unable to be fulfilled.

Drone videography is an exciting and creative avenue that can be used in creating beautiful videos for your brand. Contact us at, or drop us a message on our contact page to discuss more on how we can help.