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Promote your business using the most current social engagement platforms with our social media video production services.

Social Media Video Production Singapore

Social media videos help create content that captures attention in our fast-paced world. 

Love it or hate it, social media is everywhere.
Social media is one of the most efficient ways to engage with your audience, and videos on social media platforms often have the opportunity to go viral.

However, using videos as a tool for engagement on social media is more complicated than uploading any video on Instagram or TikTok and hoping for the best.

The main users of social media are internet savvy digital natives who constantly look for interesting, amusing, or beautiful content to watch next. Anything that doesn’t have perceived value to them gets lost in the masses of social media content.

Different platforms also have their own specific rules on formatting or video length. Instagram videos are best uploaded in a square format, and the platform’s IGTV has a length limit of 10 minutes. TikTok videos on the other hand, should be formatted to be viewed vertically, and have a limit of 60 seconds divided into four 15 second segments.

These guidelines for social media video production differ from the strategies used for other traditional video broadcasting platforms, affecting everything from concept development to the style of the video.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

At COCO Creative Studio, our team of videographers have the experience and skill to produce videos specifically optimised to perform well on various social media platforms.

We understand that social media video production comes with its own set of rules, and will work with you to create work that:

1. Is formatted to the best dimensions for each media platform
2. Is the optimum length for viewer engagement
3. Can hook the viewer in within its first few seconds

Video production for social media is a unique beast that requires a specific skill-set to manage. But rest assured, our team of creatives is more than capable of producing original and high-quality work to benefit your brand’s social media engagement.
Contact us at or drop by our contact page to find out more about our social media video production services.