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Documentary Photography Services Singapore


If there is one statement that sums up documentary photography, it’s that ‘simplicity is beauty’.
As a style of photography portraying a straightforward record of events, people, and places, these documentations are often raw, organic, and true to form. Documentary photographs are almost like visual constructions of an ethnographic survey. They seek to convey a message about the world, to spotlight certain issues or simply to tell lesser known stories of communities and their cultures.

Examples of these include reportage series on humanitarian crises such as famine or war, or photographs focusing on specific communities or demographics.

Why COCO Creative Studio?


Our main photographer, Jose Jeuland, started his career as a travel and editorial photographer.

Aiming to delve deep into understanding the human condition, he has photo-documented places and faces of various cultures across the globe.

However, being a documentary photographer is more than just being able to take high-quality photos of a subject. It requires skills other than technical experience in photography. Interpersonal skills play a huge role in the success of a documentary photographer. With his curious and genuine personality, Jose works hard to get the community he documents to open up and reveal authentic moments for the camera.

Working on a documentary series is also not an easy task. It takes patience and an ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances to achieve success in the genre.  Having experienced various terrain and weather conditions, Jose has amassed a wealth of experience in planning and managing documentary photography projects. Always ready to take on challenging and eye-opening projects, he has produced an extensive series of documentary photography, such as the Haenyeo Women Divers, Longevity Okinawa, and the Tibetan Autonomous Region – three photography documentary series spotlighting his rich cultural immersion journeys.