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Photo Editing and Retouching

Singapore-based photography studio COCO Creative Studio offers professional photo editing and retouching services for personal, corporate and advertising images.

As a photography studio, we take in using only state-of-the-art equipment and software: Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Capture One (C1) on colour-calibrated BenQ monitors.

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Our areas of expertise

E-Commerce Products

Fashion and Jewellery Products

Interior Design and Real Estate

Headshots and Portrait photography editing

Print Photography 

Part of our editing services in Singapore also includes the preparation of the photo for fine art or large-scale printing.

We can also oversee the entire process from editing the photos, to sending them to print at our professional contacts, ensuring a seamless process for our clients.

Printed photographs exude a unique charm that cannot be replicated by on-screen images. It is this belief that drives our in-house photographer, Jose Jeuland, to produce professional-quality printed photographs and fine art prints. Some of our past projects include curating and producing print photographs for fine art and photography exhibitions and framed portrait photographs.

Conceptualising and Producing a Photo Book

Our process is simple.

1) Selection and editing of images
2) Graphic design ideation
3) Assembling the final images to form a seamless narrative
4) Final stages of the printing process

Take a look at our past work, the Tibet Photography Book by Jose Jeuland.