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Portrait Photography

Portraits are a great way of capturing your favourite moments.

Professional Portrait Photography Service Singapore


Taking a portrait is one of the highest forms of professional photography/photographer . It is a genre of photographs that captures a person or a group of people to tell their story. Good lighting, composition, background, and pose are all elements that will help in creating a beautiful portrait.

Portrait photography/photographer includes corporate purposes such as headshots for resumés, work use, castings, or even personal branding. Many clients also enquire about portrait photos for personal use. They want portraits for family photos, to commemorate events like graduation, or simply to have a beautiful photo of them or their loved ones to display.

No matter the purpose, a good portrait presents the subject in all their authenticity, and lets their personality shine through.

Why Should You Choose Us


At COCO Creative Studio, our photographers’ experiences from traveling around the world and taking pictures of different people and different lifestyles have deeply impacted their individual art directions. This gives them a unique perspective and approach to their craft, especially when it comes to something as intricate as a portrait itself.

A good portrait expresses a person well through the picture. With our photographers’ work, you will be able to witness their distinctive points of view through their camera lenses. This often draws out a hidden side of the subject that you might not have been able to capture otherwise.

Our Areas of Expertise

We focus and divide our photography into 3 sections: In studio, Outdoor and On location.

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01. In Studio

We work in our state-of-the-art studio to provide you with the best services.  Studio lighting, an array of backdrops, as well as customizable packages ensure that you have a variety of choices on how your photographs will look.

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03. On Location

We also offer on-location services where we travel down to your chosen location with an extensive list of our equipment to capture your photos in a familiar setting.