Event Photography

We capture the moments you want to remember.

Event Photography Services Singapore


Professional photography is a definite must for every event. After all the hard work and preparation put into your event, you would want to capture the memorable highlights and shared enjoyment of the participants.

Professionally taken photographs of your event serve as a memento to attendees and are part of the package of a well-organized occasion.

Not only do they serve as monuments that are permanently recorded, event photography can also be used for marketing purposes for future events and for your company’s portfolio. Attendees may also share these images on their social media pages, drumming up interest in your company among their followers. It is an area that is worth investing in, as it has multiple functions, all of which can drive investment or public interest in your company.

Our photographers strive to capture your event’s greatest moments and bring them to life in every single shot.

Why Should You Choose Us?


At COCO Creative Studio, we understand the time and commitment poured into organizing a successful event, and will not waste your efforts with sloppy results. Each event is distinct, and its unique moments will only happen once, never to be repeated exactly the same. Our photographers will capture these special moments and highlights of your events for you to enjoy. Events we have shot for include Conferences, Company D&Ds, Meetings, Award Ceremonies, Advertising Launches, and many more.

Our team of dedicated professionals strive to deliver top-quality images that are sure to engage your audience and capture the dynamic of your occasion.

We also provide event videography services to capture even more content for your events.

It’s an excellent opportunity to show yourself to the world.