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Event Photographer Singapore

Looking for exceptional Event Photographer Singapore that captures the essence of your special moments? Look no further! At COCO Creative Studio, we specialize in documenting unforgettable events with our expert photography services. Whether it’s a corporate conference, wedding celebration, or social gathering, our professional photographers have the skills and creativity to capture every precious moment. With our attention to detail and ability to capture candid shots, we ensure that your event’s unique atmosphere and emotions are preserved for a lifetime. Ready to make your event memories last forever? Contact us today to discuss your event photography needs.

Event Photography Case Studies



COCO Creative Studio had the exciting opportunity to photograph the launch party of LYF, a dynamic co-living space. This all-day shoot captured the vibrant atmosphere from morning until night, focusing on an influencer party where guests enjoyed various activities, dining experiences, and social interactions.

Our photography highlighted the energy and enthusiasm of the event, showcasing influencers as they engaged in fun activities, savoured delicious food and drinks, and explored the unique amenities offered by LYF. Additionally, we conducted interior photography, capturing the stylish and functional aspects of the rooms, emphasizing their appeal and comfort.

The Fullerton Hotel Logo

The Fullerton Hotel Charity Cook-Out

COCO Creative Studio had the privilege of photographing the annual Fullerton Christmas charity cookout event, a heartwarming occasion where participants pay a fee that goes towards charity to cook alongside Fullerton chefs. This special event coincided with the launch of Fullerton’s record-breaking teddy bear ornament Christmas tree.

At COCO Creative Studio, we excel in event photography that not only captures moments but also tells stories of community, generosity, and celebration. Our images from the Fullerton Christmas charity cookout event reflect the warmth and goodwill of the holiday season, as well as the creativity and dedication of the Fullerton team and participants.

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Vamp Production

COCO Creative Studio had the privilege of capturing the essence of Vamp Production’s jazz music concert at Cool Cats, JW Marriott, through event photography. Our photos are meticulously crafted to evoke a raw and deep emotional resonance, enhanced by black and white editing that spotlights the essence of the performance.

Through our lens, we captured the soulful atmosphere of the concert, portraying the musicians’ passion and the audience’s engagement. The black and white aesthetic adds a timeless quality, emphasizing the emotions and energy present in each moment of the performance.

At COCO Creative Studio, we specialize in event photography that not only documents but also captures the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. Our goal is to create compelling images that resonate with viewers, reflecting the unique spirit and artistry of live music experiences like Vamp Production’s concert at Cool Cats.


Times 100 Impact Awards 2023

Into the deep logo

Into The Deep

We had the pleasure of capturing the electrifying atmosphere of the Into the Deep DJ Party. Our event photography team expertly documented the energy and excitement of the night, delivering captivating images that reflect the essence of the event. The photographs from this unforgettable DJ party showcase the dynamic performances, vibrant crowd, and immersive atmosphere. Trust us to capture the essence of your events and create lasting memories.


Mag's Wine Kitchen

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sisters grimm logo.jpg

Sisters Grimm

Into the deep logo

DJ Entropy X Uncharted

logo sky leasing

Sky Leasing

We had the privilege to provide exceptional event photography services for Sky Leasing.

Our skilled photographers captured the essence of the event, showcasing its vibrancy and energy. These stunning photographs were prominently shared within Sky Leasing’s internal communications, immortalizing the occasion.

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Readers Digest

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Zenith Connect

1. What is Event Photography?

It is the art of capturing the special moments, emotions, and atmosphere of various events, including corporate conferences, parties, and social gatherings. Our skilled event photographers in Singapore excel at documenting these occasions, delivering high-quality photographs that beautifully preserve the essence and significance of each event.

2. Why should you get Event Photography in Singapore?

Event photography in Singapore offers numerous benefits. By hiring professional event photographers, you can relive the joy and excitement of your event through stunning visual memories. Our experienced team knows how to capture the key moments, emotions, and intricate details that make your event unique. Whether it’s a corporate function or a personal celebration, our event photography services ensure that you can cherish and share the memories for years to come.

3. Why should you choose us as your event photographers in Singapore?

When you choose us as your event photographer in Singapore, you’re opting for a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about their craft. We have extensive experience in capturing a wide range of events, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results every time. Our attention to detail, creativity, and ability to capture candid shots set us apart. We understand the importance of your event and go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. With our commitment to professionalism and delivering remarkable event photography, you can trust us to capture the essence and significance of your special occasion.

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How much does it take to produce event photos?

The time required to produce event photos can vary depending on various factors such as the duration of the event, the number of photographers needed, and the complexity of the shoot. At COCO Creative Studio, we strive to provide efficient and high-quality event photography services. To get an accurate estimation for your specific event, we recommend reaching out to us with the details, and our team will be happy to provide you with a customized quote and timeline tailored to your requirements.

What is the typical lead time for event photos?

The typical lead time for event photos can vary around 5-7 working days. However, we understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to accommodate our clients’ needs. It is best to contact us as early as possible to discuss your event details and secure a spot in our schedule. This allows us to plan accordingly and ensure that we allocate the necessary resources to deliver exceptional event photos within a reasonable timeframe. Reach out to us today to discuss your event and timeline requirements.

What do I need to prepare before asking for an event photography quotation?

Before requesting an event photography quotation, it is helpful to have certain details prepared. Start by determining the date, time, and duration of your event. Consider the location and venue specifications, as well as any specific shots or moments you want captured. It’s also beneficial to estimate the number of attendees and provide information about the event’s theme or purpose. If there are any specific requirements or preferences you have, such as style or deliverables, communicate them to us. Lastly, providing a rough schedule or itinerary can assist us in understanding the flow of the event. The more information you can provide, the better we can tailor our quotation to meet your needs.

How much time is required to start an event photography project with COCO Creative Studio?

The time required to initiate an event photography project with COCO Creative Studio can vary depending on factors such as our current schedule and the complexity of your event. We recommend contacting us well in advance to discuss your event details and secure a booking. This allows us to allocate the necessary resources and plan accordingly to provide you with exceptional event photography services. However, we understand that last-minute events may arise, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs whenever possible. Reach out to us today to discuss your event and timeline requirements.

What are COCO Creative Studio’s cancellation policies for event photography?

At COCO Creative Studio, we have a cancellation policy in place to ensure efficient project planning and resource allocation. We require clients to make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quotation amount before the project begins. This policy is designed to maintain fairness and uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.