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Food and Beverage Photography

A feast for the eyes.

Food and Beverage Photography Services Singapore


Engaging professional food and beverage photography services is a must for any brand in the food industry.

The adage goes: We eat with our eyes.
The rise in popularity of Instagram ‘foodies’ only goes to prove it right.
Imagine, an image of a dish, carefully composed to show off a gentle mound of creamy white burrata cheese flecked with inky dark balsamic vinegar, and complemented by the summer riches of verdant green basil and perfectly ripe tomatoes.
Images like these are what pique a viewer’s interest in your establishment.

Food and Beverage photography requires attention to detail and composition. It is crucial to find the right lighting and positioning for the dish in order to create the best results.
With the huge amount of content produced these days by both professionals and hobbyists, the public has been exposed to a variety of food photography. Consumers will notice every part of your dish.
With the new digital age, comes new challenges in marketing your product and services. Experienced photographers can help you navigate these challenges, and provide professional and appealing images to promote your business.

Why Should You Choose Us?


Our team at COCO Creative Studio is equipped with a keen eye to create the best visual content for your restaurant. We understand the processes of enhancing the aesthetics of your products, from the overall presentation down to the delicate intricacies of the dishes offered at your establishment.

We believe in creating images that express your brand’s values and ideals. This enables your business to communicate to your customers through visual means, allowing them a peek into the dining experience at your establishment.

We are open to your imagination and creativity, as we would like to highlight your restaurant or brand’s style and personality.
A food and beverage photoshoot is very much a collaborative effort between the photographer and chef. Feel free to let us know about your vision behind your food and beverages, and how you would like it to be captured.

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    01. In-Studio/ On-location

    We work with our clients to provide food and beverage photography services for businesses, both individual and corporate.

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    02. Lifestyle Photography for Hotels & Restaurants

    Shooting lifestyle photography is one of our specialties, please visit our commercial photography page for more information.

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    03. VINOMOFO

    Vinomofo has been a retainer client for us ever since 2019.