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Create unique and engaging content with ASMR

ASMR Videos

What are ASMR videos, and how can they engage your audience?

AMSR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, a phenomenon that causes relaxation and a pleasant tingling sensation in certain people when they are exposed to certain visual or audio stimuli. 

ASMR videos have grown in popularity since 2010, with content creators on Youtube garnering millions of subscribers that follow them for their ASMR videos.

ASMR videos can be used to create interesting and engaging content for social media platforms. There is no music or narration in the videos, and instead, the video focuses on the bare audio and visuals of whatever is being filmed.

This is perfect for breaking a product down to its bare essentials, to highlight all of its assets and advantages in a clean, simple format. 

Why COCO Creative Studio

We have a keen eye for identifying visually pleasing aesthetics and understand the power of simplicity and restraint. With these skills, we can help you create the perfect ASMR video for your product or brand.

We will work with you to understand every element you wish to include in your content and strive to make that vision come true.

Our up-to-date and professional equipment will capture every whisper of sound and every minute detail in high-quality video and audio. We can shoot in the comfort of our studio but are also willing to travel down to shoot on location if required. 

Our team is also able to assist you in creating your ASMR videos starting from the storyboard to putting in the final details of production.

Take a look at the ASMR video that we did for B.P. de Silva fine jewellery, and our test video we did with the Peak Design backpack.