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Corporate headshot of C-Level executive CEO
If you are a high-level business executive, chances are that you already know the importance of having a professional headshot.
However, as a high-ranking member of your company, like a C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.), headshots take on an even more elevated form of importance for professional image- both yours and of the company.
c-level executive female corporate headshot CFO

Why is a headshot more important for executives?

Unlike most employees, upper-level executives often have their images appear in various forms of media representing the company. These come in the form of annual reports, promotional material for television appearances or interviews, company websites, and other events.

If your headshot is outdated, awkward, and of poor quality, it speaks poorly not only of you, but also of your company. To investors and to the public, you may look slovenly and unprofessional, no matter how you are in real life. As a major representative of your company, this image you project is also reflected in the business, and people may lose confidence in a brand that they perceive is led by unprofessional management.

With this widespread use of your image for professional purposes, it is therefore even more important that your headshot be well-taken and updated often.

male corporate headshot, taken in studio in black and white

What makes a good executive headshot?

A good headshot for executives follows all the rules of any professional headshot.

Dress appropriately for your photoshoot

For a professional headshot, well-fitting clothes are imperative. Baggy or worn clothing do not convey the professionalism or confidence of someone in your position.

If wearing accessories such as jewellery or ties, they should be kept simple to avoid distraction, same as for make-up.

Solid colours are better than convoluted patterns, as they too can distract the viewer.
Look to your peers holding the same positions within your industry, to decide what is appropriate attire for your headshot

Hire an experienced photographer

An experienced photographer is not only able to take high-quality images of you, they can also provide guidance on how to pose in order to present you in the most flattering light.

Keep your headshot updated

As a general rule, get a new headshot taken every 2 years, or after any major appearance changes. These include changing your hairstyle or colour, significant weight loss or gain, or changing facial hair.

A headshot that does not accurately reflect how you currently look in real life may undermine your authority when people realise the huge difference.

Male Executive Corporate Headshot Photography Singapore Portrait Photographer Black Background COCO Creative Studio 226126Male executive Corporate Headshot Photography Singapore Portrait Photographer COCO Creative Studio 226172

Is one headshot enough for executives?

Ideally, as an executive whose image is often used for company material, you should have more than one image for your headshots.

If you use the same photo, over and over, throughout the different platforms ranging from LinkedIn to social media to press releases, you run the risk of seeming like a novice with limited resources.

A well-equipped photo studio and a creative photographer can switch up certain elements during a single shoot to make it seem as though you took your portfolio of images over multiple occasions.
Things like switching backdrops, changing outfits, taking off your jacket, changing poses, and even going outdoors can provide you with a wide variety of photos to use.

Experienced photographers understand how important your time is, and will strive to streamline the photo-taking process while providing you with several options, in order to allow you to make the best out of your shoot.

female corporate headshot taken in studio by coco creative studio singapore

At COCO Creative Studio, our photographers are experienced in corporate headshot photography and are able to provide quality solutions to your needs. As a top-ranking executive, you should use headshots that can best represent yourself and your company, and we would be delighted to provide such a service to you.

If you are interested in getting your headshot taken with us at COCO Creative Studio, please drop by our contact page or send any inquiries to

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