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Product Videography

Are you seeking high-quality and creative product videography for your brand? At COCO Creative Studio, we strive to make quality videos for all varieties of products. Our goal is to carefully highlight the beauty and details of each item. With our expertise in storytelling and visual communication, we bring your brand to life through dynamic and engaging videos. Our ambition is to create videos that help establish trust with your customers and strengthen the image of your brand. Let us help you capture the essence of your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

To see our videography projects for Cosmetic and Beauty Products and CGI 3D Product Animation, take a look at our dedicated pages.

Experimental CGI Animation for SK-II X Maison Kitsune

Kadeka Video

BenQ Photographer Monitor SW272Q – ASMR Unboxing Video

BP De Silva – Product Video

BP De Silva – Product Video 2

Elle & Vire Professionnel Feat. Chef Chui Foong

Nuceuticals – Product Video

Peak Design Backpack ASMR

Watch Lookbook – Product Video

BenQ Photographer Monitor SW272Q – Review Video

Elle & Vire – Feeding People Better

WOORAILOORA K18 – Product Video

FUJIFILM X100V – Stop Motion

Logitech MX Keys S Combo – Motion Graphics Review

THE NORTH FACE-Behind The Scene ”Longevity Okinawa Project”

WOORAILOORA DunGung – Product Video


Tom Ford | Beauty Product Experiment

Colourealism: Colour Calibration with Datacolor

Product Video Case Studies

Benq Monitor coco creative studio


Review video for BenQ – SW272Q 27-inch Dive into the review of the BenQ SW272Q 27-inch photographer monitor! Huge shoutout to BenQ for this collaboration – bringing color accuracy and stunning detail to every photographer’s workspace.

Watch the full video here: Youtube



In collaboration with Nuceuticals, we helped them create a strong impact on their customers by providing creative narration and highlighting their products. We created appealing visual content that showcased their brand personality and delivered their message to their customers

Take a look at our commercial photography and product photography to view more related case studies!

SK-II Logo


With our collaboration with SK-II x Maison Kitsuné’s beauty products, we at COCO Creative Studio crafted a creative experimentation with CGI animation to create a unique project combining cosmetics and beauty products and CGI animation. This unique project merges the world of skincare with artistic CGI techniques, resulting in a visually stunning experience that transcends boundaries.

See more projects about cosmetics and beauty videography in our website!



We partnered with Kadeka, to create an impactful commercial video. Our team crafted a visually stunning narrative that showcased the innovative features and sleek design of Kadeka’s products. Through careful planning, creative direction, and expert cinematography, we delivered a compelling video that captured the essence of the brand and resonated with their target audience. The result was an engaging and memorable video that effectively communicated Kadeka’s unique selling points and increased brand awareness.


1. What is a product video?

A product video is a visual content that presents the features, benefits, and usage of a product that is often used to introduce new products, demonstrate their application, and illustrate the expected results.

2. Why should you get product video services in Singapore?

Investing in cosmetics video services in Singapore can offer numerous benefits for your business. It allows you to effectively communicate your brand message, increase your visibility, and differentiate yourself from the competition. By incorporating visually appealing content, you not only effectively communicate our brand’s story but also cater to the diverse consumers in Singapore or the Asia-Pacific region.

3. Why should you choose us as your product videographers in Singapore?

When choosing a product videographer in Singapore, our expertise and dedication set us apart. Our team of experienced videographers specializes in cosmetics and beauty photography, utilizing their skills and creativity to capture stunning visuals that enhance your brand. We employ high-quality equipment and innovative techniques to produce visually impactful videos. Our emphasis on collaboration ensures that we understand your unique goals and deliver a video that exceeds your expectations.

Video Production France















How much does it cost to produce product videos?

The cost of producing product video can vary depending on various factors such as the number of products, complexity of the shots, desired style, the length of the video and any additional requirements. Each project is unique, and pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. We offer competitive and customized pricing packages tailored to meet your specific product videography needs. To get a precise quote for your project, we encourage you to contact us with the details, and our team will provide you with a comprehensive estimate based on your requirements.

What is the typical lead time to edit product videos?

The typical lead time to edit product videos can vary depending on the complexity and length of the project. After the filming is complete, our team at COCO Creative Studio ensures to dedicate the necessary time and attention to detail during the post-production process. We strive to deliver high-quality edited product videos within 5-7 working days. The specific lead time will be determined based on the project’s requirements and will be communicated to you during the initial consultation.

What do I need to prepare before asking for a product video service quotation?

Before asking for a product video quotation, there are a few things you can prepare to ensure a smooth process. Firstly, make a list of the products you need to be filmed, including their specifications and any specific angles or details you want to highlight. It’s also helpful to provide reference images or a mood board to communicate your desired style or aesthetic. If there are any specific props, backgrounds, or settings you want to incorporate, it’s beneficial to mention those as well. Lastly, ensure that the products are clean, properly packaged, and ready to be filmed. By having these details prepared, we can provide you with a more accurate and tailored quotation for your product video needs.

How much time is required to start a product video production project with COCO Creative Studio?

The time required to start a product video project with COCO Creative Studio may vary depending on specific requirements, the number of products, and the complexity of the project. We aim to provide efficient and timely services to our clients. Once we have a clear understanding of the project objectives and scope, we will work closely with you to establish a timeline that meets your needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results within agreed-upon deadlines, ensuring that your product video project starts promptly and progresses smoothly.

What are COCO Creative Studio’s cancellation policies for product video production?

At COCO Creative Studio, we have a cancellation policy in place to ensure efficient project planning and resource allocation. We require clients to make a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quotation amount before the project begins. In the event of early cancellation, clients are eligible for a partial refund of 20% of the deposit. However, if the cancellation occurs the day before the scheduled project, no refund will be provided. This policy is designed to maintain fairness and uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.