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Woman in traditional Indian wear and make-up in indoor studio shoot by Coco Creative StudioSingapore

Imagine- for your professional indoor studio shoot, you’ve applied your make-up like you have always done, only to look ghostly, washed out, or greasy in the final images.

While you may have confidence in your everyday make-up skills, applying make-up for an indoor studio shoot is a different beast. The lighting and flash photography used during these shoots can affect the appearance of certain make-up products, changing the way they look on your face, and even emphasizing flaws in unexpected ways.
Here are six things to take note of when preparing for your next photoshoot.

1. Do not use products with SPF on the day of the shoot

SPF on a regular day is well-recommended by doctors and dermatologists, as ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide help to protect the skin from sun damage by reflecting light.

However, this specific property of SPF causes the light from the flash to reflect off your skin, causing your face to have a white, ghostly cast to it. Skip the sunblock until after the shoot, and avoid foundations or moisturizers with SPF in them.

2. Avoid make-up products with silica during your indoor shoot

While silica in products like foundation or setting powder provides a smooth, flawless finish in real life, it produces less than desirable results with flash photography in the studio.

Similar to SPF, silica in certain products (often labeled HD) reflects the light from the flash, causing white patches to appear on your face in photos.

woman wearing a red dress and make-up for indoor studio photoshoot by coco creative studio singapore

3. Don’t forget to prime

The bright lights of the indoor studio often throw every little detail into stark relief. The creases and fine lines that appear when your foundation settles into the natural lines or wrinkles of your face tend to be magnified in the photos.

This issue can be prevented by using a primer before applying your foundation, as the primer forms a layer in between your skin and the foundation, filling the fine lines and reducing creasing.

4. Increase the intensity of your make-up

The lights of the studio, as well as flash photography, can wash out the colours of your make-up, making it look lighter than usual in the final photos.

To counter this, apply a few more layers of your coloured cosmetics, such as your blush, lip products, or eyeshadow.

It would also be beneficial to use an eyelid primer for your eyeshadow, as it allows for a truer and more vibrant colour that lasts longer.

Woman with bright make-up for indoor studio shoot by Coco Creative Studio Singapore

5. Avoid glitter

As with SPF and silica products, glitter reflects light. As we now know, that is something we would prefer to avoid in an indoor studio shoot.

So while they may look gorgeous in real life, sparkly eyeshadow, shimmer, and the heavy usage of highlighter tend to reflect the lights and flash of the camera.

As a result, the ethereal sparkle you are going for may just turn you into a disco ball instead.

6. Use setting powder

Under the warm lights of the studio, as well as the physical movement of posing for photos, your body starts to heat up, and your make-up may start to melt and fade.

Using a setting powder- one without silica, helps to lock down your make-up and prevents it from disappearing. Setting powder also can help if your skin tends to become oily throughout the day.

Using powder on oily hotspots like the T-Zone, the sides of your nose, under the eyes, and chin, can help to combat the shine that might be emphasized by the lights and flash from the camera.

Woman in traditional Indian wear with make-up for indoor studio shoot by Coco Creative Studio Singapore

With these six tips, we hope to have given you more confidence in applying your make-up look for your next indoor studio photoshoot.

If the idea of doing your own make-up for your shoot seems daunting, or you are simply not used to applying make-up in general, feel free to engage a professional make-up artist to help you with your look on the day.

This relieves the stress you may feel from trying to get the perfect make-up look for your shoot on your own.

A  photography studio may be able to help you find a trusted professional- at COCO Creative Studio, we can provide reputable make-up artists who are experienced in doing make-up for indoor studio shoots for you.

To see more of our work taken at our indoor studio COCO Creative Space, you can check out the in-studio photos on our Fashion and Beauty Photography page, or our Portrait Photography page.

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