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Need more reasons to choose us? We're a versatile creative agency. Check out our comprehensive suite of additional services.

Production House Photography & Videography

At COCO Creative Studio, we are a production house company for commercial photography and videography services based in Singapore. As a professional creative agaency, we set our sights on translating your visual desires to reality.

Are you a business that needs some help with content production? A local or overseas marketing and advertising company who need visual content shot in Singapore or Asia? Our creative production house is committed to providing our professional photography and videography services to create compelling integrated advertising content.

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Digital Content and Social Media Management

With the ever-increasing number of social media platforms and social media analytics tools, it can be a bit overwhelming for brands to step foot into the intricate world of social media.

This is where COCO Creative Studio and our partner, COCO PR & Communications Agency, can ease you into your digital content and social media management journey.

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Video Editing

Have raw video or sound footage that needs a little assembling?

COCO Creative Studio doesn’t just edit your videos. We create narratives that speak to audiences. Our portfolio includes long-form and short-form videos for corporate, commercial advertisements, lifestyle, social media posts, documentaries and many more..

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Photo Editing and Retouching

COCO Creative Studio provides photo editing and retouching services for personal, corporate, and advertising images. We use Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Capture One (C1) on colour-calibrated BenQ monitors.

We have catered to extensive professional photo editing and high-end retouching needs. Some of these includes edits for: e-commerce products; fashion and jewellery products; interior design and real estate displays; food, travel and lifestyle campaigns; headshot portraits; brand activation event photos etc.

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Illuminate your selling point.

To put it simply, marketing aims to convey your product or service’s unique selling point. At COCO Creative Studio, we are dedicated to helping brands like you tell the world who they are.

Through a research assessment of consumer behaviour, we select appropriate media channels – be it print or digital – and ensure that your brand speaks to consumers, not at them. With targeted and meaningful brand interaction, you will be able to create conversational capital that leads people back to you.

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Graphic Design

Good design shapes good businesses. The best design visuals have the ability of allure - to stop its audience, capture their gaze and evoke a response. The aim? To build a unique, visually stunning brand identity designed for its users in mind. Our graphic designers at COCO Creative Studio are dedicated to pushing boundaries, creating designs that cater to the needs of your consumers.

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A successful branding strategy tailored for your company rallies consumers behind your business

As a results-driven, strategic branding agency, we are committed to giving clients what they need to shape lasting brands. Being pop culture enthusiasts, our team of experts are always on-the-ball, looking out for the next latest trends to craft our client’s brand strategy.

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Photography Workshops

We conduct photography workshops, talks and lectures both in Singapore and internationally.

We Cater To Your Learning Needs
Class Size: Can vary, from small, intimate settings to lecture-style settings
Class Venue: Anywhere! From a conventional classroom to an outdoor venue, it’s up to you to decide where you want to make some magic. Arrangements can also be made for overseas workshops and talks.

Instructor: The ever-dedicated, friendly and professional Jose Jeuland.

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