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interior photography of hotel lobby by singapore photographer jose jeuland in black and white

Mention interior photographs, and you might think that this is a genre reserved for the glossy pages of a magazine. But you would be surprised at how many companies set aside a sizable chunk of their budget at times to hire a professional interior photographer.

Interior photography is the process of capturing photos of both commercial and privately-owned spaces in a way that highlights the aesthetic beauty of its design. This is done through creative uses of different angles, lighting, and focus, in order to create unique perspectives of the space while accurately representing it.

It is a skill set that is highly prized in the industry, and serves many purposes.

Interior Photographs for Marketing Purposes

interior photography of bar by singapore photographer jose jeuland

If a company has recently opened or moved into a swanky new space with beautifully curated furniture and equipment, it would be a shame to not let their existing or potential clients know about their new location.

Gorgeous images of the company’s current quarters make for an eye-catching post on social media, which in turn, helps to drum up interest in the company itself.

This is especially true for establishments that provide services or goods directly to the consumer, such as restaurants or hotels. The ambiance of a dining or vacation location plays a huge part in the guest experience.

If a consumer happens to see an image that shows off the aesthetic appeal of a newly opened space, their interest in the establishment would no doubt be piqued.

Interior Photographs for Annual Reports

As discussed in a previous blog post, annual report photography is a niche, but important, genre of photography.

Companies often hire professional photographers to capture photos that express the company’s values, success, or branding. This includes shots of the company’s quarters, in order to show investors the physical spaces of the company they are investing in.

High-quality and updated images are crucial to making a good impression on shareholders and investors. Anything less may fail to inspire confidence in the company’s competence, as using poor quality images can be seen as lazy or low-budget.

Photos for Interior Design Portfolios

Interior photography of restaurant by singapore photographer jose jeuland

One of the biggest clients of interior photography would, of course, be the interior design industry.

As with most creative professions, a portfolio is crucial in drumming up interest in an interior designer’s services.
However, it is important to have well-taken photos that showcase the designer’s work in a flattering light. Even the most well-designed interior can look flat and boring with poorly taken shots.

Thus, to garner clients, interior designers have to either learn some tricks for interior photographs, or hire a professional photographer.

Interior Photographs for Real Estate Agents

Interior photography of house taken by Singapore photographer jose jeuland

Another industry that relies on interior photographs would be real estate.

Moving into a new home or office space is no small decision. Oftentimes, in this digital age, one would open up multiple tabs in order to check out the different options available. How quickly would you close a tab once you saw that the images uploaded were low quality and poorly taken from an odd angle?

Even if the written description was beautifully composed, many of us would be more interested in a similar property with better photos.

This is the reason why interior photography is so important to real estate agents, as we humans are visual creatures. We rely heavily on our eyes to provide the first impression, and anything that does not catch our eye immediately is often easily forgotten.


With demand from clients working in marketing to real estate, interior photography is an important genre of photography.

Companies from all industries will find good use for well-taken interior shots of their space.
To view more of our work in interior photography, head down to our page on the topic.

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