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Group shot of company employees in front of WSA logo suitable for annual report photography shot by Coco Creative Studio Singapore

Think of the work of a professional photographer, and annual report photography might not be one of the first genres of photography that come to mind.

However, annual report photography is a valuable and lucrative service that a photographer can offer to clients.

What is annual report photography?

First off, what is an annual report?
An annual report is an important document that a company uses to circulate information to its shareholders and investors after the end of every financial year.

The business’s profile, values, financial statements, the current management team, and company goals are some of the information that is provided in the annual report. While this data is the crucial part of the report, the images within the document also play an important role.

Annual report photography captures images that support the information within the report, showing investors and shareholders visual representations of the company’s success.


Annual report photograph of man in lab coat at work shot by Coco Creative Studio Singapore

What photos do annual reports include?

Photos for an annual report serve the same purpose as a headshot for a business professional. They both convey a message about the subject through visual cues, and help the viewers form a connection with the subject.

Seeing photos of the company’s locations, headshots of employees, and day-to-day operations can help the company seem more professional and tangible, as compared to only relying on paragraphs of written descriptions.

In order to highlight major accomplishments achieved by the company, reports should also include photos of awards, events, or launches of new products or services.

Recent trends show increased importance placed upon corporate social responsibility, where investors are interested in more than the company’s bottom line.

Images related to the company’s social initiatives, such as photos of charity events or occasions like educational workshops focussed on employee upskilling, are therefore all important additions to the annual report.

Annual report photograph of female speaker at a Facebook Watch event shot by Coco Creative Studio Singapore

Why should photographers offer annual report photography services?

The importance of well-taken and up-to-date annual report photographs cannot be stated enough. A properly designed annual report with quality photographs shows the company’s dedication and effort in communicating with its investors.

These images can also be used by the company for other purposes, such as for social media, blog posts, and recruitment drives. This only increases the value of the photos, as they are not seen as a single-use investment.

Companies are thus willing to invest in finding experienced and skilled photographers to capture the core values and principles of their corporations in images for multiple purposes.

Because public companies are legally required to publish annual reports every year, annual report photography will always be a service that is required by clients for years to come.

Annual report photography of man standing next to tank container on job site shot by Coco Creative Studio Singapore

To see more examples of work related to annual report photography, go to the on-location section of the COCO Creative Studio’s corporate photography page.

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