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Commercial lifestyle photoshoot of young couple enjoying cocktails at poolside of voco hotel singapore

Commercial lifestyle photography is a genre of photography that is increasing in demand.

Brands have become more aware of the appeal of a lifestyle-based shoot, where their products or services are marketed to consumers in images that depict real-life situations.

Instead of an empty pool or a vacant bar, commercial lifestyle photography shows the viewer what it might feel like to be enjoying a swim at the hotel on a sunny day, or savouring a refreshing cocktail at the restaurant’s bar.

During our shoot for Voco Orchard Hotel, we wanted to capture the atmosphere of liveliness and enjoyment provided for the hotel guests.
We did so by shooting a variety of setups that showcased the qualities of Voco Orchard Singapore.

Setups for a Commercial Lifestyle Photoshoot

For a photoshoot that focuses on lifestyle, it is important to have setups that are natural and close to real-life situations. This then allows the viewer to be able to relate to the image and imagine themselves in the same scenario.

It is more difficult to relate to a commercial lifestyle photoshoot if the models are dressed in high fashion unaffordable to most, or if the dining shots include excessive amounts of expensive champagne or luxury food items.

For Voco, we made sure that the photos captured were engaging and accessible.

We took photos of the models enjoying good food and cocktails-luxuries that are enjoyable, but still attainable.

commercial lifestyle photo of two young women enjoying cocktails and desserts at voco hotel singapore

Breakfast in bed, chatting in the hotel lounge over coffee and wine;  all these point to a relaxing stay at a 5-star hotel.

commercial lifestyle photoshoot of young couple having breakfast in bed at voco hotel singaporecommercial lifestyle photo of group of friends enjoying coffee and wine at the lounge of voco hotel singapore

Target Audience

Same as in any marketing tool, commercial lifestyle photography is most useful when catered to the targeted audience.

Voco focuses on being a hotel that enjoys playful twists to traditional ways, and the targeted audience of the photoshoot was a younger crowd. Choosing models in their twenties and a young family was thus an obvious choice.

While choosing the setups, we kept the hotel’s demographic in mind, leveraging the younger generation’s growing appreciation for coffee and good food, and the appeal of spending time by the pool with your family or partner.

commercial lifestyle photo of young family playing in pool at voco hotel singaporecommercial lifestyle photography young couple eating at a restaurant at voco hotel singapore

Commercial lifestyle photography can be an excellent tool in your arsenal.

With our experience shooting for 5 Star hotels such as Voco Orchard Singapore and InterContinental Singapore, Coco Creative Studio can help capture the essence of your establishment and translate it into a relatable image for your audience.

Check out our photoshoot for InterContinental Singapore, as well as our other commercial work here.

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