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Video production includes three main steps – planning or pre-production, production (which is shooting and creating the video content) and post production.
There are three stages in video production-


This is the first stage for undertaking any video production. During the pre-production period, plans and ideas are coordinated so that there is no overlap or gap. It may include many factors like-

Story line-

The video will be based on a particular theme and should deliver a certain message, which is engaging and grasps the audience’s attention.


The budget for the video shoot needs to be decided early keeping in mind the scale of the shoot, the timeline, the size of the unit, equipment to be used etc. It is one the first things to look into after framing the story line and defining the purpose of the video.


Setting the timeline for each project is key. One should list down the things which need to be done and by when they should all be completed and delivered to the client.


The video might showcase a talent who is being interviewed or is performing an act. It is important to contact the person or people beforehand, informing them about the shoot, making sure they are available. In a country like Singapore, the creative industry is growing rapidly and there is plenty of talent available in the industry. For example, if one requires actors for playing particular roles, they can always advertise it on social media platforms or even ask bloggers/influencers to get involved in the production process.


The gears and equipment to be used for the video production should be decided in the pre-production process. How many lights, cameras, reflectors are to be used and if any mics are required for voice recordings or arrangements for music. Incase, one does not own so many gears and filmmaking cameras, you could always look at the option of hiring them from photography/videography studios or other stores which rent out equipment in Singapore.


Conducting a meeting with the client and the talent and/or other people who are playing an important part in making decisions is very vital. One should use this time to clearly communicate their ideas and visuals. Referring to a moodboard for visuals and the storyline would be useful.


The script should be distributed to everyone in the production unit so that all are aware of the story line. The key players like actors, director of photography and the director should be in coordination with each other so that no shoot is held up for lack of knowledge of the script.

Location scouting-

Site inspection is important. As new developments are constant in the city and one should be aware of the changes in the cityscape. One should visit the location and check if permits are needed and also keep in the mind how the weather might affect the shoot. It is usually sunny and pleasant in Singapore but one might experience light showers during the day. It is better to keep these aspects in mind and be prepared.


The production stage is an important part where all the plans are implemented and making the video is underway. The previously set of coordination is now being actually created and developed.
The following points can be kept in mind –


This is the stage where all the decisions and preparations made in the pre-production stage comes into being and everything is executed. One can follow the procedure and start shooting the content for the video.


While producing footage for the video, one should take into account the proper steps leading towards the filming and creating content for the video. One has to set up the cameras and lighting equipment on set, much ahead of starting the shoot.


This refers to footage which is not the main footage but involves alternative shots. One should definitely capture a good amount of B-roll as it makes the editing process easier – allowing smoother cut aways and transitions from one shot to another. For example, if you are shooting for a client in the Central Business District in Singapore, you can always use different angles of the skyline as B-roll.


Recording voiceovers and sounds along with or after filming the main content is important. It is a good option to take a few voice recordings of the same content as it will make post processing much easier. It allows one to choose which parts they would like to use in the final outcome.
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At this last stage most of the work is done on editing softwares, compiling the footage together.
Editors should take the necessary back up before starting the editing process.
The following steps should be noted-


This step is crucial. It puts the film together while sticking to the storyline and delivering the message. One can use video editing softwares such as, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. You also work with softwares like DaVinci Resolve. One should start with categorising and organising all the footage which makes locating the shot you want easily accessible.


One of the first steps in the post production process is to got through all the footage and select the footage one would like to use in the final film. This helps is eliminating the extra footage and working with the selected items.


There could be one or more music tracks which are to be used in the video. One should make sure that the transitions between the music tracks are smooth. The entire track in the video should have a natural flow.


One can always review the selected footage with the client to make sure what to include in the video before starting the editing process.


According to the client’s requirements, special effects and animations could be added to the video. This can be done using editing softwares such as Adobe After Effects.


The final step is to deliver the video to the client according to the timeline, including and portraying what they desired.
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We at COCO Creative Studio feel that while producing video content one should follow the above mentioned steps and thoroughly execute the plans formed in the pre-production stages. This will help in making the entire process of video production run smoothly with minimal difficulties. Creating a video will be completely doable and will be a fun activity if these points are kept in mind and followed carefully.
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