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A photography workshop is an educational experience where one can learn about the various aspects of photography. Many professionals conduct these workshops and it is a great opportunity to learn from them. The workshops could be a group workshop or a one-to-one workshop. We feel attending a one-to-one workshop is much more beneficial and will help in achieving goals.

A photography workshop can be attended by beginners, amateur photographers and even professionals. There is always something new to learn and become aware of the latest trends.

An itinerary can be prepared before attending the workshop according to what has to be achieved and what the goals are. Whether it is to focus on a particular kind of photography such as portraits or landscape, studio lighting or post processing. It will definitely help in making the most out of the workshop.

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Why is it needed to sign up for a one-to-one photography workshop:

Developing new skills-

New skills shall be developed while attending a workshop. One might know how to use their gear but will get a chance to learn some new tricks and get some tips from a professional. Gaining knowledge about different kinds of equipment and the latest technology is also very important. One should be aware about the technological developments and new editing softwares. A new insight can be gained into the process of editing, how to save work and take a back up. There is so much to learn about editing softwares. A one-to-one photography workshop is a great opportunity to pick up these various skills.


It is a great chance to learn from an experienced person who is a part of the industry. Learning further about composition, emotions, story, backgrounds and angles will not only help one’s work but also enhance one’s vision and perspective.


One will also get a chance to learn about the gear they are using. One may already know how to set the manual settings such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO, white balance etc. If not one can always learn this and if one already has knowledge of it, the workshop will be a great opportunity to gain knowledge into the next steps and learn more exciting things. This will be beneficial in the future.


A photography workshop always calls for more motivation and focus towards one’s work. It can also help professionals by rekindling their interest in photography. It will make one feel more passionate towards photography.

Shooting on location-

Instead of watching a tutorial online or sitting in a classroom, one will be out on location. Learning and shooting outdoors or indoors on location from a skilled professional is a very good opportunity to further hone one’s skills and learn the correct techniques. More might be learnt such as being aware of the weather while shooting, use of a tripod, lighting conditions and requirements in specific spaces.

Constructive criticism-

As it is a one-to-one workshop conducted by a professional one can ask the photographer for feedback and also get a portfolio review. The photographer can create awareness of the errors in your images and point out how to rectify them in the future. One can further discuss their photographs and ideas for future projects and have a critical analysis for the same.

They may even hire you as an intern or apprentice!

Why a one-to-one workshop is better than a group workshop?

A one-to-one photography workshop will definitely be much more beneficial as opposed to attending a group workshop with more participants. As in a group workshop the professional will be answering everyone’s queries and might not have the time to attend to each individual personally. An opportunity to ask direct questions may not arrive, leaving doubts unanswered. In a group workshop there will be people with the same interest but some might be beginners, amateurs or even professionals. Thereby, making the experience not skill specific.


We feel that attending a one-to-one photography workshop is much better in comparison to watching tutorials and teaching yourself. As there will be a photographer alongside it is easier to learn and understand doubts. The photographer can be of great help to correct your errors instantly. One will get a chance to practice and take images while the photographer keeps a check on everything else. Whether a beginner, or an amateur, or simply a person with some interest in this field a one-to-one photography workshop is highly recommended.

You can sign up for our photography workshops and talks here.

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