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How can businesses in Singapore use a live streaming video?

The recent pandemic saw a rise in the need for video streaming services, as events with large crowds were prohibited, and many companies defaulted to work-from-home to avoid risking the health of their employees.

While regulations in Singapore have eased, the benefits of video streaming have not gone unnoticed, and the demand for these services is still going strong.

Live streaming allows you to broadcast content to a large audience while they stay in the comfort of their homes or offices all over the world. It provides a greater reach, while cutting costs incurred by having guests on location- e.g. refreshments or larger facilities.

Additionally, live stream videos are not a single-use tool for your business.

After the event, clips or photo stills from the live stream can be used as promotional content for future video streams, or to drum up interest in your brand in general.
Streaming services can be used for a variety of purposes- from formal corporate meetings, to townhall meetings, to culinary workshops.

Why COCO Creative Studio? 

As such, at COCO Creative Studio, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions for your live stream needs. Our experience shooting for clients across industries has allowed us to understand the needs of diverse brands operating in various fields.

For example, we understand that a food and beverage brand has different needs and priorities from a financial corporation, and will work accordingly.

Our videographers at COCO Creative Studio are adaptable and accommodating. We will work with you to customise your streaming experience according to your events, to ensure that your video stream runs smoothly and professionally.

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