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Open up more opportunities for your videos with the power of green screen

Green Screen Video Services Singapore


What are green screen video services, and how do they benefit businesses in Singapore? 

Mention green screen videos, and you might imagine scenes out of a summer blockbuster movie. However, green screens can be utilised in much more ordinary videos for your brand or corporation.

But first, how do green screens work? A green background is used while filming a subject, and using a post-production editing process called ‘chroma-key’, we can remove the green from the video. This allows us to replace the background with an image or footage from a different location.

While we may not be transporting the subject of your video to the magical lands of Hollywood, green screen services can still be extremely useful for corporate videos or interviews.
Filming in front of a green screen is helpful when the location you want to shoot at is unsuitable for filming. The venue may be too loud and crowded, or the cost to rent it may be too high. There may even be safety risks while filming on site.
These issues are all resolved when using a green screen. The subject can be filmed safely and comfortably in the studio with no risks of problems with audio quality or passersby interrupting. This footage can then be placed against a backdrop of footage that was filmed separately at the location.
Green screen can be used for a multitude of purposes- interviews, internal corporate videos, or videos that require graphics or visual effects.

Why COCO Creative Studio? 

At COCO Creative Studio, we offer green screen video services in Singapore that create more possibilities for your video content. Our professional and adaptable videographers will work with you to understand the expectations and requirements for your project, in order to provide you with the best experience.
Get in touch with us at or through our contact page for more information about our green screen services.