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Tethered shooting is a convenient and practical method of carrying out photography and videography shoots. It is a method where the photographer can connect the camera to the computer and have an instant preview of the images on the computer screen.

With tethered shooting the photographer can view the image as soon as it is shot on a large screen. This helps in changing any settings or the composition if required. The live preview of the shoot is very useful both for the photographer and the client. The photographer can also control the camera from the computer. Professionals usually shoot with tethering. One can also use tethered shooting while shooting videos.

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There are a few things one requires to carry out tethered shooting. Following are the tools one can use for tethering the camera to the computer-

A cable to connect the camera to the computer. At the studio we also use clips to make sure the cable is connected to the laptop in a secure manner. We use cables from Tether Tools for shooting.

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A software for tethering where one can view their outcome while shooting. We use Capture One for tethered shooting. One can use other softwares such as Adobe Lightroom.

Advantages of shooting tethered-

Back up-

The images are stored on the computer and/or a hard disk and one has the option to store them on the memory card which is inserted in the camera as well. This is very useful as the images are backed up in one or two places as the shoot progresses.

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As the images are instantly viewed on a big screen the photographer can zoom in easily making sure that the focus points are correct. It is very useful for still life and food photography and other detailed shoots.

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At COCO Creative Studio we shoot a lot of corporate headshots and portraits with tethered shooting as we get to make sure the focus is correct. While shooting without tethering, the photographer has to zoom into the the LCD screen on the camera and one cannot always be sure about the focal point by looking into the camera screen. With tethered shooting the photographer can be sure of the focus points and continue the shoot accordingly and with more confidence.


The photographer can select the images while shooting by tagging or rating them, making the post production process much more simpler and less complex.

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Live preview-

As the client can also view the images instantly on the computer screen, the photographer can get instant feedback, make the required changes and avoid retakes.

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We, at COCO Creative Studio always prefer shooting tethered. It helps us ensure the image quality and sharpness of the images. We also short list the images as we go along with the shoot. Shooting tethered is highly recommended as the entire shoot runs more efficiently.

You can have a look at the video for tethered shooting here.

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