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Welcome to COCO Creative Studio, a cutting-edge creative agency based in Singapore! Our agency thrives on conceptualization, development, and campaign strategy to bring your creative vision to life. We specialize in brand identity, and crafting unique, unorthodox solutions to elevate your business in the digital production landscape.

Photography Services:

Discover the unparalleled expertise of our agency in premium photography services. Our skilled photographers bring a fresh perspective to every project, from corporate events to personalized headshots, ensuring your visual narrative stands out.

Videography Services:

At COCO Creative Studio, our talented creatives specialize in crafting compelling narratives, spanning brand stories to attention-grabbing promotional videos. Our unorthodox approach to storytelling takes your business-focused film, product showcase, or social media campaign to new heights.

WSAudiology – Wonderful Sound for All

Elle Vire Professionnel Feat. Chef Chui Foong

Peak Design Backpack ASMR Video

Marketing and PR: COCO PR Agency

In the ever-changing realm of digital marketing and public relations, COCO Creative Studio shines. We create unique strategies to make your brand pop, in collaboration with our sister public relations agency, COCO PR. Renowned throughout APAC, we specialize in social media management, PR campaigns, and other effective solutions to ensure your brand receives the attention it deserves.


Experience the power of effective communication with our skilled copywriters. In our agency, we craft compelling narratives for various purposes, including website content, advertising copy, and press releases, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.

Graphic Design and Branding:

Beyond photography, our agency offers a comprehensive suite of graphic design and branding services. Our creative team excels in developing appealing graphics and impactful marketing materials that seamlessly align with your brand’s persona.

Photography Workshops: 

Our agency goes beyond providing services by offering photography workshops tailored for companies and marketing teams. These sessions aim to enhance skills in photography, storytelling, project management, and curation, creating an environment dedicated to pushing professional boundaries. Gain valuable insights to sharpen your team’s creative abilities and elevate your visual storytelling capabilities.

Photowalk with FUJIFILM Photography Workshop Singapore COCO Creative Studio 40
Photowalk with FUJIFILM Photography Workshop Shophouse Singapore COCO Creative Studio 5
Photowalk with FUJIFILM Photography Workshop Singapore COCO Creative Studio 52

Social Media Content Creation: 

As experts in creating Social Media Content (SMC), our agency goes beyond catching attention to drive conversions. Our proficiency in crafting engaging social media posts and visually appealing content ensures a strategic approach to your online presence.

Social Media Management Polar Watch COCO Creative Studio Singapore Photographer 3
Social Media Management Polar Watch COCO Creative Studio Singapore Photographer 12
Social Media Polar Product Photography Coco Creative Studio IMG_7341

Editing and Post-Production: 

Photography and Videography: Our post-production team at COCO Creative Studio adds the final touch of enchantment to raw footage and images, delivering a polished, professional final product.

COCO Creative Studio is not just a creative agency in Singapore, it’s a space where boundless possibilities of visual storytelling come to life. With a holistic approach to creativity, our agency seamlessly integrates photography, videography, design, and more into every project. Embrace the extraordinary with COCO Creative Studio, your creative agency partner in redefining the limits of imagination.


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