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These days, photoshoots with a professional photographer and high-end equipment are no longer reserved for models and luxury brands – an increasing number of executives are opting for professional headshots in order to present a more polished corporate image.

woman in black blazer for corporate professional headshot in singapore by coco creative studio

Why Should You Get a Professional Headshot


A study by Headshots Inc. has found that, compared to more casual and informal headshots, reviewers felt that the subject within a professional headshot was
– 75.9% more capable in their career
– 9.7% more likeable
– 62% more prominent in their industry

In this digital age, your headshot is the first impression of you that many people- including potential employers, clients, or recruiters, come in contact with. Dressing appropriately in a well-taken headshot plays a key role in creating an excellent impression.

Guidelines On What to Wear for Your Headshot


 Wear Clothes With a Proper Fit

man in blue suit sitting on chair for professional corporate headshot singapore taken by coco creative studio

First and foremost, the outfit that you pick for your upcoming photoshoot should be well-fitted and look new. An outfit that fits well and makes you feel good about your appearance boosts your confidence.

This allows you to present yourself in an assured and poised manner in your headshot.

On the other hand, worn and baggy clothing, despite being comfortable, presents a dishevelled and unprofessional image.

Pick Colours Wisely

man wearing solid blue blazer and green tie professional corporate headshot singapore by coco creative studio

Solid colours are your best choice, as patterns and stripes are often too loud and divert viewers from the main focus of a headshot – your face and its expressions.

Also consider the colour of your backdrop, because if you wear a dark outfit against a black backdrop, you are very likely to fade in the background rather than stand out.

Simplify Accessories

headshot of woman in red blazer for professional corporate headshot taken by coco creative studioman in a blue blazer and pink pocket square at joo chiat professional corporate headshot taken by coco creative studio

For women, makeup and jewellery should be kept simple, due to the distracting nature of bright or heavy makeup and large jewellery pieces.

Ties or pocket squares can add a pop of colour for suits on men, but try to avoid garish colours or patterns that detract from the stature of a well-cut suit.

Look to Industry for Inspiration

man in military dress uniform professional headshot singapore by coco creative studio

Appropriate professional wear may vary from industry to industry.

Professional accountants or lawyers should dress in a more sophisticated manner; perhaps in a suit and tie. On the other hand, an individual working in the creative sector, such as fashion or journalism, may choose to wear outfits that are less formal instead.

Looking at professional headshots of prominent leaders in your industry is an easy way to get ideas on what to wear for your own.

Try Multiple Outfits

Depending on the session you have booked with your photographer, you might be able to do a few outfit changes.

This allows you to see what works best in front of the camera, and gives you a variety of images you may use for your corporate profile.

Additionally, this takes the stress out of trying to pick the perfect outfit, as you have 2-3 other options to choose from.

Comfort and Confidence is Key

woman standing with hands on hips in business casual wear for corporate professional headshot singapore taken by coco creative studio

Most importantly, wear what makes you comfortable and confident- an outfit that allows you to express yourself in an assured and compelling manner.

For more inspiration and examples of corporate professional headshots taken at Coco Creative Studio, check out the corporate headshot page on our website.

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