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coco creative studio equipped with lights, backdrop and monitor for rental for photography or videography projects
If you are at the beginning of your journey in photography or videography, you may have some questions about the hows and whys of studio rental for your projects.
Here, we go through the information you need to know before you rent your first studio.

Cost of Photography Studio Rental

The cost of renting a photography studio can range from around $100 per hour to $500 per hour.
This depends on a few factors which include:

  • Size of the studio
  • Location of the studio
  • What equipment or props are provided
  • Additional services provided
  • Additional amenities provided

Some studios may also charge additional fees in certain situations- for example, if the number of people in the studio exceeds a certain number, or if you bring in a lot of heavy equipment.

Reasons to Rent a Photography Studio

You might need to rent a studio if you want a completely controlled environment, access to specific objects, or to ensure the comfort of your talents and crew.

Renting a Photography Studio Provides a Regulated Environment

The most important reason why photographers would want to rent a photography studio is to have complete control over their environment.

Whether you specialise in photography or video production, the advantage of shooting in a photography rental studio rather than outside is clear. When shooting outdoors, photographers and their crew must consider natural factors such as rain, wind, or temperature, as well as the lighting, which can change from hour to hour.

When you shoot in a photographic studio, you are protected from the elements and have control over your area and environment. This includes temperature, lighting, and restrictions on who has access to the location when shooting.

Props, Equipment, and Facilities May Be Available

The majority of studios are owned or run by fellow photographers and videographers, who use the space for their own clients and projects. These studios often come with their own lighting, accessories, and backgrounds that you may be able to rent.

Most photography studios also provide amenities like restrooms or changing rooms for your subjects or clients to change their outfits or freshen up in between shots. There may also be private, more comfortable spaces for hair and makeup professionals to work on your clients.

Some businesses may also be able to assist you in other ways, such as providing refreshments, or helping source for external services required for your shoot, e.g. makeup artists, stylists, and set designers.
These elements come together to provide a more seamless and convenient experience during shooting, making renting a studio well worth the costs.

Rental at COCO Creative Studio

At COCO Creative Studio, our studio is available for rent for your photography or videography projects. Our 2000 sqft space is spacious, with high ceilings and an abundance of natural light, as well as exclusive access to a rooftop terrace.

We are located in Yu Li Industrial Building, 37 Lorong 23 Geylang #10-02, Singapore 388371, just minutes away from Aljunied MRT station on the East-West line.

Our studio is available for rent in 3 different options, each a differing size and price to suit the budget or needs of your shoot. We also offer rental services for our gear and props.
To find out more information on our rental services, go to our sister site- COCO Creative Space, to find out more.

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