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A Video production company involves everything from creating a storyline, collection of props, shooting at the location, to creating it in a final video form for tv channels, online platforms, professional promotions, advertisements, and other forms of media. They work in the field of video content development, video creation, post-production, and even recruiting filmmakers and content developers.

Nowadays, video content has affected the way we consume information. It is becoming increasingly important and popular.

And because of the increase of social media and online platforms, video content has become even more approachable and marketable.

Thus, video SEO has become an important component in today’s world.

Let us take you through some simple tips to boost your Video SEO:

Add Transcript to your video:

Transcript is translation of videos audio and speech. These are the captions that appear on the bottom of a video and can be really helpful to your viewers.

Adding a transcript will not only provide you a space for keywords but can also help Google bots in better crawling and indexing. Moreover if you have a longer format video or any informational video then it can increase the viewing span as people would give more attention to the captions.

Add a Gripping Thumbnail Image:

Whenever someone thinks of clicking on a video, they first look at the image displayed when it appears and then consider opening it. So, make sure you add an attractive thumbnail image and gripping title to it. Make sure it’s relevant to the content and is really compelling which will have a great effect on the SEO.

Add a relevant and relatable keywords:

Keywords are the literal keys of your content and by researching the most relevant keywords according to your video you can make sure people are able to find your video. Make sure you research the keywords related to your content and which keywords are the most searched and ranked higher. Add a title accordingly and make sure content and the title are highly relatable.

Embed the video and make sure it is relevant to the page:

By embedding the video you can make sure there are visitors to the website coming from different platforms and if you are adding multiple videos make sure to include the best video first as Google only indexes one video for a webpage.

Next you want to make sure that your webpage is relevant to the video and the contents of the page are about it. Otherwise viewers won’t visit the page and it will be hard to rank the video.

We all know SEO is an important component of the search engine to help Google rank your page and viewers find your page, which is solely dependent in good content and a few strategies that you just read about.


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