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Welcome to COCO Creative Studio

Here at COCO Creative Studio, we delve deep into the vibrant tapestry of Singapore’s heritage and the pulsating rhythm of its urban landscapes. In addition to our core services, we offer photography and videography services, and we curate immersive workshops tailored to enrich your photographic odyssey. Under the guidance of Jose Jeuland, our visionary founder and creative director, we traverse diverse terrains, encapsulating the very essence of luxurious living, including our bespoke ventures with prestigious boats and yachts. By specializing in Yacht Photography in Singapore, we invite you to join us to expand your vision and hone your craft through the lens of COCO Creative Studio, where every snapshot tells a story.

Meet Jose


Yachts transcend mere vessels; they embody a lifestyle coveted by many. At COCO, we strive to capture not just their aesthetic allure but the entire mosaic of experiences they represent – be it shared laughter echoing on the deck or the serene moments spent in quiet communication with the sea. Through our photography and videography services, we meticulously preserve these cherished moments, ensuring they endure the timeless reflections of life’s most precious encounters.

Our Services: Capturing Life on Water

At COCO Creative Studio, we provide extensive photography and videography services specifically tailored for boats and yachts. Our expertise in yacht photography in Singapore ensures that every shot captures the luxury and elegance of these magnificent vessels. Some of our yacht shots have also been featured in magazines, showcasing the high quality and artistic value of our work.

Yacht Interiors and Exteriors Photography 

Immerse yourself in the exquisite beauty of your vessel as we meticulously capture every intricate detail of its design and opulence. Our yacht photography in Singapore focuses on immortalizing the magnificence of both the interiors and exteriors of yachts with precision, ensuring that each photograph highlights the luxurious features and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Lifestyle Photography Shoots

Our lifestyle shoots are designed to reflect the vibrant and dynamic life aboard a yacht. Whether it’s a joyful family gathering, a serene afternoon of solitude, or a lively party, our yacht photography in Singapore documents the moments that make yacht life truly special. We aim to capture the essence of your experiences, preserving them in stunning visual narratives.

Portrait Photography in a Yacht

Celebrate your unique essence with our environmental portrait sessions set against the stunning backdrop of the open sea. Our personalized yacht photography in Singapore not only captures formal poses and candid moments but also showcases your individuality and style within the natural beauty of the yacht environment. These portraits highlight the harmonious blend of luxury and personal expression.

Summary of Yacht Photography and Videography in Singapore:

At COCO Creative Studio, we don’t just take photographs or make videos; we weave compelling narratives. Our dedicated team brings the essence of your maritime adventures to life, capturing both the grandeur and the intimate moments that define your journey. Through our yacht photography in Singapore, we aim to narrate the tale of your yacht, emphasizing not just luxury but also cherishing the experiences and memories that define it. Reach out to us, and together, let’s etch those moments into eternity.

Join us at Coco Creative Studio and embark on a voyage of discovery, inspiration, and mastery in visual storytelling through photography.  Explore our website to discover more Photography and Videography Projects by COCO Creative Studio. 

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