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Editing or post processing is an important step of the production process. It is the second step after the photoshoot is done. There are many softwares which one can use to edit their photographs to deliver the best possible result. Such as, Photoshop and Lightroom etc. Lightroom has the option of using presets (one can download new presets as well) to edit images. Using presets might reduce the editing time, allowing one to view their images in different looks quickly.

One could also try and learn the shortcut keys for editing their photographs. This will make one’s job easier and help in maintaining the timeline.

Steps and tips for editing photographs-


This is the first step before one starts editing their images. They should make a selection of the best images and remove the ones which might be out of focus, over-exposed or repetitive.

Fashion Photography Model Male Jacket Singapore Photographer COCO Creative Studio 4

Fashion Photography Model Male Jacket Singapore Photographer COCO Creative Studio 2

RAW images-

Post processing RAW files is much better and easier than shooting in JPEGs. Professionals always shoot RAW images. They capture more information than other formats. For instance, they can help in retrieving information while making a very dark image brighter.

Calibrate your monitor-

Calibrating one’s monitor can prove to be very useful. Every professional should definitely try and do it. It helps one in viewing and editing their work in the correct exposure, brightness and tone.


One can make their images brighter or darker by making changes to the exposure. Setting the right exposure is vital. Over-exposing an image might result in making the image noisy.

Steps and tips for editing photographs exposure SIngapore COCO Creative Studio 2

White balance-

The white balance of an image is important and should be adjusted incase it is not correct. It helps in removing the colour casts and renders white objects as they would appear (in the correct colour tone) in reality.

Product Photography Notebook Singapore Coco Creative Studio-1-3

Crop and straighten the image-

Cropping an image changes the size and aspect ratio of the image. One can crop it as square or rectangle. It allows one to export the image according to their use and purpose. Whether it is for social media platforms, advertising etc. Incase one did not achieve their desired composition they can always crop unwanted elements out of the frame.


The camera might not have be able to capture the true colours. In this case, one should adjust the tone and colour temperature of your image. This will help in achieving the correct colour and checking the colour balance of the image. Adjusting the hue, saturation and intensity of the colours is an important step of the post production process.

Steps and tips for editing photographs colour SIngapore COCO Creative Studio 3

Steps and tips for editing photographs colour SIngapore COCO Creative Studio

Clarity and sharpness-

If the images are soft and one needs them to be sharp and appear more clear they can increase the clarity. This results in sharper and more clear images. For instance, one might want to make their portraits or headshots appear clean, sharper and detailed.

Headshot Photography Portrait Photographer Singapore Coco Creative Studio 6-3

Portrait portraiture photography studio singapore services asia photographer Jose Jeuland shanthi deep black and white


Exporting the images is the last step after editing your images. One can export them according to the size and resolution they require ensuring a smooth workflow.


We feel that everyone should give time and importance to editing their work and achieve the best result. They should always take a back up of their images before starting the editing process. However, a photographer should not entirely depend on the post production process. They should try and retain the quality of their work and look into key factors such as composition and lighting while shooting.

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