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With the BenQ SW272Q 27-inch 2k display Photographer Monitor, this is the dream screen for every photographer and every photo and video editor.

The collaboration with BenQ introduces the BenQ SW272Q into COCO Creative Studio’s workspace. This 27-inch photographer monitor is set to transform our editing experience, promising color accuracy and striking detail.

Joining us is our little furry friend, Shibu, adding a touch of charm to the unveiling of BenQ SW272Q. This monitor is a game changer, offering unrivaled clarity and color accuracy that will elevate any photographer’s workplace.

The size of the monitor is just right; it’s a perfect fit compared to the larger alternative. Moreover, the finishing details and the sleek design of the new base and stand greatly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Over the years, our relationship with BenQ has grown into a long-standing partnership, with their tools, including this monitor, playing a vital role in my daily workflow. The reliability and quality they consistently deliver make them a trusted partner in my creative endeavors.

singapore photographer benq monitor BenQ SW272Q

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