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Ever wondered how to shoot luxury skincare and cosmetic products?

At our studio in Singapore, we cater to a diverse range of clients, offering services from headshots and corporate photography to commercial photography and videography. One of our most exciting projects and shoots is cosmetics and fashion photography.

We captured a variety of creative commercial photographs for some of Singapore’s luxury skincare, cosmetics and beauty products.

Here are some steps to achieve a creative photoshoot with cosmetics and skincare products:

Setting the stage and lighting

COCO Creative studio singapore photographer studio rental

The preparation for a cosmetic photoshoot goes beyond choosing the right camera and lighting equipment. Our team meticulously plans every aspect of the shoot, from selecting the perfect location to a creative mood board and a list of creative strategies for every product to shoot. Each detail is carefully curated to bring the client’s vision to life, ensuring that the final images reflect the essence of the brand.

Aside from that, lighting plays a crucial role in cosmetic photography, and our team employs a variety of techniques to achieve the desired effects. Whether it’s creating a soft and diffused glow or highlighting specific features with strategic lighting, our photographers use their expertise to enhance the overall shoot.

Styling your subject

SK-II-Cosmetic-photography-product-maison-kitusne-coco-creative-studio-valentines day- singapore-france

Product design and setup become pivotal players in capturing luxury cosmetic photoshoots. Every product is meticulously placed, and every backdrop is carefully chosen to evoke the desired ambiance. From the placement of the cosmetic bottle to the right angle of skincare containers, the products must be placed carefully to achieve a creative design layout for the shoot.

Post-production editing

CGI Animation for SK-II X Maison Kitsune in Singapore, Paris, by COCO Creative Studio

After the photoshoot wraps up, the process continues in the post-production phase. Our editors refine each image, ensuring that colors are vibrant, details are sharp, and the overall composition is at its best. This final touch brings the images to reflect the client’s brand and to captivate their audience.

An example is one of our luxury brand clients, we were able to merge skincare products with artistic CGI techniques done in-house at COCO Creative Studio. This CGI animation project enhanced our creativity skills merging both beauty and innovation seamlessly.

Witness the full masterpiece of combining beauty and creativity here: Youtube: Experimental CGI Animation for SK-II X Maison Kitsune

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