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In the contemporary corporate landscape , a professional headshot serves as  a vital asset for executives and CEOs. It serves as a powerful first impression, represents your personal brand and the values of your organization. At COCO Creative Studio, we specialize in capturing high-quality executive portraits that convey confidence, proficiency, and charisma.

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Our studio serving both Singapore and Paris, specializes in creating high-quality headshots that capture the professionalism and charisma of corporate executives. From emerging associates to experienced C-Suite executives, we deliver  consistent and polished portraits that enhance personal branding and corporate image.

With years of experience, we understand the unique and specific demands of photographing top executives, whose time is exceptionally valuable. Our expertise ensures that we can effectively capture a series of compelling images in a short amount of time, delivering a versatile portfolio that executives can utilize over the course of several years. This blog offers insights into our process, highlighting how we deliver exceptional results while keeping in mind the busy and hustling schedules of our clients.

man or male c-level executive in a blue blazer at joo chiat professional corporate headshot taken by coco creative studio

Our Approach to Executive Portraits

At COCO Creative Studio, we take a holistic approach to CEO/executive portraits to ensure each image reflects the unique personality and leadership style of the individual.

  1. Pre-Shoot Consultation

Our process commences with a thorough consultation aimed at understanding your preferences and needs. This includes discussing the style, setting, and any specific elements you wish to integrate into the portrait.

  1. Professional Styling and Grooming

To ensure you look your best, we offer professional styling and grooming services. This includes hair, makeup, and wardrobe advice tailored to the style of the shoot.

  1. Location Scouting

Whether you prefer an in-studio session or an on-location shoot, we explore the best locations that harmonize with the envisioned aesthetic of your portraits. . With access to some of the best and iconic locations In Singapore and Paris, we ensure an unparalleled backdrop for your photography experience.

  1. Communicate Your Preferences

Feel free to Discuss any specific preferences or requirements with your photographer during the pre-shoot consultation. This practice ensures the final images are in harmony with your vision.

COCO Creative Studio is dedicated to delivering premium CEO and executive portraits that epitomize professionalism and leadership qualities.. Operating in both  Singapore and Paris, we offer a seamless experience that combines efficiency with exceptional quality. Our comprehensive approach ensures consistency across all portraits, making them a valuable asset for personal and corporate branding. Whether capturing rising associates or high-level executives, COCO Creative Studio promises to deliver , impactful images tailored to each client’s unique style and needs. Contact us today to schedule your session and elevate your professional image.


In addition to executive portraits, COCO Creative Studio offers a comprehensive range of services, including commercial photo and video production, as well as hotel and lifestyle photography and videography. Our diverse portfolio allows us to meet various visual needs, ensuring each project receives the same level of attention to detail and creative expertise.