Corporate Headshot Photography

Corporate portraits are vital in representing the image of your company in terms of identity, branding, and marketing. A professional corporate portrait evokes a positive image for consumers to trust your brand as it shows professionalism, success, and credibility of the company. This will motivate consumers to lean in and believe in your company. Today, consumers seek to put a face to the name or brands they see online or on a commercial ad.

Corporate portraits help to establish a connection for consumers to understand who and why they should rely on for goods and services. This will allow your consumers to have a greater trust in your company. With COCO Creative Studio, rest assured that you are in good hands. We provide the best perspective, lighting, and equipment for all your corporate portraits.

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Portrait Photography

Taking a portrait is one of the highest forms of professional photography. It is a type of photograph that captures a person or a group of people, telling a story or showing their personality in a representation that is true to them. Having a good lighting, composition, background, and pose are elements that will help in creating a beautiful portrait.

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Product Photography

There is one aspect that should never be forgotten in the field of e-commerce: the perceived value of your products and the reliability of your business often depend on the quality of the photos and the design of your site. Product photography is fundamental to boost your business, services and commercial advertising. Especially when it comes to introducing a new brand, business or project, having the right image to represent it.

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Interior Photography

A style of photography that’s dedicated to architectural design and spaces, interior photography seeks to highlight aesthetically pleasing elements of houses or commercial spaces. It’s about working with different forms of lighting – from natural light to various types of flashes, to spotlight a particular aesthetic of the space. It’s about skillfully manoeuvring the confined limits of space and working with angles to redefine perspectives of interior spaces.

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Industrial Photography

Industrial photography is concerned with anything related to a company’s products, facilities, infrastructure and employees, especially those who work directly on the manufacturing floor. Often, companies hire industrial photographers to effectively showcase their products and services, and to create narratives about the laborious construction and manufacturing processes that the business engages in. Through offering an insider’s perspective of industrial workflows with thoughtfully curated visuals, audiences can better understand the care that you put into running your business.

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Fashion and Beauty Photography

Without question, photography goes hand in hand with the fashion and beauty industry. It plays a major role in the global fashion culture, commanding an increasing share of public consciousness. The photographs that you see on the spread of glossy fashion magazines are highly curated, directed and made up for the perfect imaging that sells will sell your product and brand.

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Food and Beverage Photography

Our team at COCO Creative Studio are equipped with a keen eye to create the best visual content for your restaurant. We believe in creating images that help to enhance the essence and significance of your dish. This enables your business to communicate to your customers through the photos, making them irresistibly tangible for their viewing pleasure.

As a results-driven, strategic branding agency, we are committed to giving clients what they need to shape lasting brands. Being pop culture enthusiasts, our team of experts are always on-the-ball, looking out for the next latest trends to craft our client’s brand strategy.

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Hospitality Photography

Hospitality Photography captures the very essence of your Hotel and Resort. It brings out the intangible qualities the place, setting the mood and allowing your customers to imagine and feel how it’s like to spend a night there.

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Event Photography

Having the perfect photograph is definitely a must for every event. With the hard work and preparation of your event, you would want to be able to capture the precious and fleeting moments that seem to pass by in a blink of an eye.

Not only do they serve as monumental moments that are permanently recorded, but photographs of your events can also be used for marketing purposes for future events and for your company’s portfolio. It is an area that is worth investing, to showcase the cherished moments and highlights of your event.

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Tourism and Travel Photography

Tourism and photography go hand in hand in selling your destination and accommodation. Therefore, it is important to draw out each and every detail found and portray it in a picture for your viewers. From brochures to magazines to websites, images of travel and tourism give you a glimpse of heaven on earth as they portray the beauty of their locations through photographs.

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