Illuminate your selling point


At COCO Creative Studio, we are dedicated to helping brands like you convey your product or service’s unique selling point. Through a research assessment of consumer behaviour, we select appropriate media channels – be it print or digital – and ensure that your brand speaks to consumers, not at them. With targeted and meaningful brand interaction, you will be able to create conversational capital that leads people back to you.

Creative Insights


COCO Creative Studio works hand in hand with COCO PR & Communications Agency to brainstorm fresh ideas from an aerial perspective. The result? More clarity on your industry’s common marketing and advertising problems, and more fine-tuned marketing strategies. Unlike other agencies who outsource their marketing team, our harmonious partnership gives greater room for organic creative content production.


No matter how small or big your budget and project is, we have the flexibility to pool together the relevant resources available to leverage the most suitable platforms for your marketing endeavours.

Our Marketing Services

. Conceptualisation of brand and marketing strategy
. Localised and regionalised target marketing
. Digital platform Marketing
. Email Marketing
. Guerilla Marketing
. Trade-show Marketing