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Studio lighting is more than just illuminating a subject; it’s about controlling of mood, tone, and atmosphere in every shot. For any photographer aiming to elevate their portfolio and professional standing, learning studio lighting techniques is essential. Whether it’s the low-key lighting that adds depth and drama, or the vibrant ambiance of a well-lit portrait, effective lighting is fundamental to photographic success.

At COCO Creative Studio, we understand these nuances and offer a dedicated space where art meets technical precision. Led by Jose Jeuland, our seasoned photographer and the visionary founder and creative director, we pride ourselves on shaping the skills of photographers at all levels. Through our comprehensive workshops, participants not only learn about the tools and techniques but also gain hands-on experience that transforms their understanding and execution of studio lighting.

About Jose Jeuland


Jose Jeuland’s journey in photography is a testament to passion and perseverance. From capturing compelling documentaries across continents to orchestrating sophisticated commercial shoots in the studio, his work is diverse and deeply inspiring. As the founder and creative director of COCO Creative Studio, he fosters a culture of innovation and excellence that permeates every project and workshop.

In this workshop, you’ll start with the basics of setting up studio lights and advance to dynamic lighting setups and managing complex shoots. Each participant will receive hands-on experience, with personal insights and feedback from Jose, ensuring that every lesson becomes a building block towards mastering studio lighting techniques.

What You Will Learn

Participants will dive deep into the technical aspects and creative applications of studio lights in this immersive workshop. Prepare to transform your theoretical knowledge into practical skills through interactive sessions led by Jose Jeuland himself. At COCO Creative Studio in downtown Singapore, you will experience a learning environment designed to cater to both novice and seasoned photographers alike.

1. Basics of Studio Lighting

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  • Understanding Light Sources: Learn about different studio lights such as continuous and strobe lights, and their effects on photography.
  • Lighting Equipment: Explore essential tools like softboxes, umbrellas, and reflectors, and understand how they alter light.
  • Setting Up Your Studio: Discover layout strategies for effective light distribution and control, tailored to any studio size.

2. Advanced Lighting Techniques

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  • Creating Mood with Light: Master the use of lighting ratios and placements to evoke specific emotions and atmospheres in your images.
  • High-Key and Low-Key Lighting: Learn techniques for creating bright, airy images or dramatic, intense shots.
  • Color Gels and Filters: Utilize color modifications to alter mood, correct color, or introduce creative effects.

3. Expert Tips from Jose Jeuland

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  • Troubleshooting Common Issues: Quick fixes for frequent lighting challenges encountered during shoots.
  • From Good to Great: Insider tips to enhance your lighting skills for professional-grade results.
  • Building a Lighting Setup from Scratch: Strategies for creatively using lights to achieve unique photographic effects.


With all that you’ll learn from the sessions above, our studio lighting workshop at COCO Creative Studio is an essential step for any photographer aiming to enhance their skills. Led by our founder and creative director, Jose Jeuland, these workshops provide a dynamic and enriching experience, whether you opt for one-on-one sessions or group settings. You will master everything from basic lighting setups to advanced techniques for mood and color effects, gaining practical solutions for common challenges along with insider tips that can transform your photography.

Participants can expect not only to refine their craft under expert guidance but also to enjoy the benefits of community building and creative exploration. By booking a workshop with us, you receive personalized attention and tailored instruction, ensuring that your specific goals and aspirations are met.

Come explore with us at Coco Creative Studio , where you can embark on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and mastery in visual storytelling. Check out Jose Jeuland’s Workshop Page for more information on our photography and videography workshops in Singapore.

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