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COCO Creative Studio recently had the pleasure of covering the Dotdigital Summit Roadshow in Singapore on March 19, 2024. This dynamic event united industry leaders, marketing professionals, and innovators to share insights and strategies on digital marketing trends and technologies. Our team was present to capture the vibrant atmosphere and key moments of the day, ensuring documentation of crucial interactions and presentations.

We were committed to meticulously documenting the event, ranging from the engaging presentations and interactive workshops to the lively networking sessions and innovative exhibition booths. Each photograph and video clip unveils a narrative, exhibiting the dynamic energy and insightful exchanges that defined the day.

Have a look below to see the photos we took and the highlight video that encapsulates the essence of the Dotdigital Summit Roadshow.

Dotdigital Highlight Video:


The Dotdigital Summit Roadshow in Singapore was a remarkable success, filled with insightful presentations, engaging workshops, and valuable networking opportunities. COCO Creative Studio is proud to have been part of this event, capturing its highlights through our photography and videography services.

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