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E-commerce product photography is mainly done for presenting and showcasing your product online. If one is using retail platforms to sell their products they might need to go through the guidelines for the images of the products which can be uploaded onto the website. Some of the websites require the images to be of specific sizes.

Product images against a white background is almost essential for e-commerce. However, one can also photograph their product in other creative ways with props and more elements and shoot them in a studio or outdoors.

E-commerce product photography watch Singapore COCO Creative Studio 2E-commerce product photography watch Singapore COCO Creative Studio 3

We, at COCO Creative Studio have photographed products for e-commerce purposes. Photographing them with a white backdrop might seem to be easy but it requires skill and perfection.

The photographer should respect the colour of the product and edit the image accordingly. While photographing a product which needs to be suspended we usually use an extra C-stand with fishing wire. Fishing wire can hold the product by attaching one end of it to a C-stand. It is almost invisible and therefore can be easily edited in post processing.

The placement and angle of the products is crucial. Photographing the item from various angles and highlighting the details is key providing a good view of the product to the customers.

Following is a GIF we created with The North Face shoes. Here, the shoe is held with fishing wire which is attached to a C-stand as mentioned before. While shooting we rotated the shoe slowly to complete a full circle and photographed every step to form the GIF.

For e-commerce product photography it might be useful to follow these steps-


The online presentation of the item plays a vital role in the sales and engagement of the product. Maintaining the features of the item like its colour is important. The photographer should make sure that the colour of the product remains exactly the same in the image. The images of the product whether shot on a white backdrop or with added elements and with colourful backdrops should be appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

Polar Watch Product Photography Outdoor Singapore COCO Creative Studio-4Product Photography NorthFace Shoes COCO Creative Studio Singapore 5-6


To be completely organised and ensure a smooth shoot the photographer should make all preparations beforehand. We usually start by making a list of the products that need to be shot and decide how long will each change in set up and shot take – determining the duration of the shoot. The requirements of the images should also be noted. At the studio we make it a point to note down the image sizes and other specifications and refer to them while shooting and editing.

Product Photography Notebook Singapore Coco Creative Studio-1-3

Mood board- 

One can prepare a mood board before a shoot. This will aid while shooting and make the entire production run smoothly. The photographer or the team can refer to the mood board and prepare for the next shot in time.

E-commerce product photography watch Singapore COCO Creative Studio 4


Bringing out and highlighting the details of the product is important. One can take close up images of the product and photograph all angles.

Product Photography Notebook Singapore Coco Creative Studio-1-2Vinomofo product photography Singapore COCO Creative Studio bottle-9E-commerce product photography watch Singapore COCO Creative Studio 1


The images of the product also determine the sales. Well styled images can increase the appeal factor of the product. Hiring a professional photographer might be worth the effort as it will help one market their products with high quality and captivating images.


Product photography for e-commerce purposes has an extensive market. It is important to deliver the product images according to the client’s needs and requirements. The images should provide an accurate representation of the product.

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