Digital Content and Social Media Management

Understanding You

We first work to understand your project and your brand.


We bounce off creative ideas with you.

Executing the Plan

We partner with COCO PR & Communications Agency to devise a strategy on how to best disseminate your digital content on your social media platforms.

Establishing a one-of-a-kind online presence

With the ever-increasing number of social media platforms and social media analytics tools, it can be a bit overwhelming for brands to step foot into the intricate world of social media – so why not get some help from our team of experts? COCO Creative Studio works together with COCO PR & Communications to ease your business into the digital landscape, developing your digital content and managing your social media engagements.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

We deliver an end-to-end social media solution for our clients. While COCO PR & Communications Agency is in charge of social media management and strategy, our studio will see through the creation, development and processing of digital content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. If you need some help for only a specific aspect of content production, do reach out as well – we can work something out together.

Our Digital Content and Social Media Strategy Services

. Product photography
. GIFs, stop motion videos, slow-motion videos
. Corporate videos
. Lifestyle videos

Talk to Us

Email us at or drop an enquiry on our contact page.