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What is commercial photography in Singapore?

Commercial photography is a part of photography capturing pictures for a business to advertise their product, services, magazines, posters, and billboards, wherein a professional commercial photographer is hired. It is very important to display your product and services to the public for their attention because a bad image may ruin your reputation in the market.

An automobile photographer is capturing a photo of a car logo for promotional activity

Logo click

Different categories of Commercial Photography Singapore that are usually needed in the organization are as follow:

Product Photoshoot: Product photography is one of the most demanding and popular industries in today’s world. Companies who want to display their products on e-commerce sites frequently hire a commercial photographer who helps them capture the best quality pictures of their products. Commercial product photoshoot is usually organized in a studio having white background in front but placing the right object around makes look better, one should know how to use lighting efficiently.
Fashion Photography: Then comes commercial fashion photography. This kind of commercial photography includes a model displaying a product. So, this kind of photography requires a photographer to have a deep knowledge of fashion photography and know how to pose a model for a picture.

Food Photography: Capturing food pictures for social media posts is okay but have you ever thought of getting paid for doing it? Yes, it is possible with commercial food photography. A commercial food photographer clicks pictures of food items from a restaurant, in this one most understand the art of creative food photography.

A food item is being clicked for a restaurant to display

photoshoot of food items

Real estate Photography: A professional commercial real estate photographer involves in the activity of capturing pictures of architecture and structure of the property to sell the property, 360 degree photography is seeking a lot of attention in the real estate business nowadays as it shows everything in a single image that attracts customers.
Commercial Headshots: The ask for commercial headshots is always been there, wherein a client pays a commercial photographer to look good on camera as it conveys your professionalism. Good headshots also give people an idea about your personality.
Advertising Photography: The demand for advertising photography has increased a lot in recent times. Good advertising photography makes people purchase what they don’t want to buy as helps put a product, service in front of customers. it is often used for editorials such as magazines and newspapers.
Automobile Photography: Automobile photography is very important for automobile industries and dealerships. They usually use this type of photography to promote their newly released and exiting vehicles for a market reach. Automobile photographers build stunning images that speak the emotions of the audience.
Jewelry Photography: This genre of photography is very necessary for jewelry brands because most of the sales come from looking at the jewelry on the images.


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