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Corporate Headshot Photography is essential for professionals and all working people. Photographing corporate headshots in Singapore is very interesting as one captures a lot of facets of one person in one photograph. It is much needed in today’s digital world. It helps one in establishing an online presence and putting a face to one’s name and profile.
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In a constantly evolving and economically forward city like Singapore, corporate headshot photography is important for individuals and companies. The headshot shoot can be of different scales and one can shoot in various scenarios.

The Singapore skyline is beautiful and can be incorporated in corporate headshot photography shoots whether one is shooting indoors or outdoors in the city.Headshot Singapore Portrait Photography COCO Creative Studio Photographer 14-2


Before undertaking an assignment for a corporate headshot photoshoot the photographer has to discuss and be informed about certain things in order to prepare the equipment and team for the same such as-

  • Number of people to be photographed
  • Number of images required
  • Location of the shoot – in a studio or on location
  • Background- consistent background or any changes required
  • Full body or half body images
  • Budget
  • Where will the images be used

These factors will help the photographer decide and move ahead with the preparations for the shoot. For instance, the budget will help the photographer to decide how much time will be spent on each subject and the scale of the shoot will decide the size of the production team.

Location and Background-

The photoshoot can take place in an office environment, indoors in the workplace or outdoors in the Central Business District of Singapore imparting a feel of the locale and the job profile of the person. It can also be against a plain white background providing a very clean and formal look.
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Many companies require headshots of a large number of their employees. Usually, photographing a group of this scale requires a team of assistants and photographers.

One can spend approximately 30 minutes on each person. Based on the client’s requirement and budget, if they desire quality one can spend up to 40 minutes on each subject. Whereas, if the client requires quantity over quality the photographer can even go down to spending 5-10 minutes per person. However, photographing each person in different locations with different backgrounds might take longer as each shot will require changes in lighting and shifting of the entire equipment.Corporate Headshot Photography Singapore Portrait Photographer COCO Creative Studio 8Headshot Photography On Location Singapore COCO Creative Studio 2We provide services for photographing headshots for companies both small scale or large scale or individuals. We also provide hair and make-up services. You can view our corporate headshot photography here.

How we manage to photograph 80-100 people-

Photographing a large number of people requires one to be quick in decision making. The photographer and the team need to have good knowledge of lighting and should be equipped to set up the gears promptly.

We usually have a team of 1-2 photographers and a few assistants to help with the changes in lighting, setting up and shifting of equipment. Everyone is aware of their roles in advance and the workflow runs smoothly.Headshot Photography Portrait Photographer Singapore COCO Creative Studio 29Corporate Headshot Photography Singapore Portrait Photographer COCO Creative Studio 10Headshot Singapore Portrait Photography COCO Creative Studio 45-6Photographing 80-100 individuals can take up to 2 days depending on the budget of the shoot. Spending 5-10 mins for each person. With a bigger budget and changes in background, we can spend more time on the shoot, providing 20-45 mins for each individual.


Corporate headshot photography in Singapore can be quite engaging. Being efficient and quick in photographing and portraying the right mood is important. We at COCO Creative Studio are well organised and proficient in photographing headshots in Singapore.

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