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COCO Creative Studio is thrilled to announce the expansion of its video production services to Paris, France. As a creative agency, we excel in capturing the essence of your moments through expert video production and a range of innovative solutions.Whether you need dynamic storytelling videos, captivating social media content, or comprehensive audiovisual services, COCO Creative Studio is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with excellence and precision.

Our Video Production Services

1. Commercial Video Production

COCO Creative Studio is your premiere partner for crafting captivating visuals that enhance and elevate your brand. Our team of visual experts is dedicated to producing exceptional, inspiring, and memorable videos. We provide customized commercial video services by combining technical expertise and creativity to skillfully reflect your brand’s goals and identity. We encourage you to select COCO Creative Studio for video productions that not only narrate your story but also elevate and enrich it.

Kadeka Commercial Video

Adidas Commercial Video by COCO Creative Studio

ELLE & VIRE – Feeding People Better

2. Product Videos

At COCO Creative Studio, our endeavor is to produce top-tier videos for a diverse range of products. Our talented team is committed to skilfully highlighting the unique characteristics and beauty of each item. We work towards presenting your products in an appealing and authentic manner, helping to build trust with your customers and strengthen your brand image.
Allow us to transform your viewers into loyal purchasers through meaningful and impactful visuals.

Experimental CGI Animation for SK-II X Maison Kitsune

BP De Silva – Product Video

BenQ Photographer Monitor SW272Q – Review Video

3. Social Media Videos

Seeking to engage your audience effectively on social media platforms? Explore the power of our social media video services at COCO Creative Studio. Through visually captivating and interactive videos tailored for social media platforms, we assist you in distinguishing yourself within the digital realm and establishing impactful connections with your target audience. Ready to make a significant impact with your social media presence? Let’s collaborate to craft videos that spark conversations and leave a lasting impression.

4. Corporate Videos

For those within the corporate realm aiming to portray their company’s significant history and values through impactful videos, COCO Creative Studio is here to lend assistance! We specialize in crafting corporate videos that convey your message with precision and authenticity. Our team integrates sincere storytelling with premium visuals, in alignment with your brand identity. Whether your goal is to showcase your company culture, highlight your products and services, or convey your message, our videos are designed to engage and creatively inform your audience. Rely on us to produce corporate videos that authentically reflect your brand. .

Santen Corporate Video

NTUC Master Corporate Video

Symrise – Embrace Equity International Corporate Video

5. Event Videos

Capture the special moments and unique essence of your events with the expertise of COCO Creative Studio. We specialize in producing event videos that authentically and exquisitely document your most memorable moments. From corporate events and conferences to special gatherings, our skilled videographers and editors are committed to capturing significant details that hold importance to you. With our video services, you can relive the emotions, ambiance, and highlights of your event. At COCO Creative Studio, we are dedicated to preserving your cherished memories with thoughtful and personalized videos.

T100 PTO Triathlon Race – 2023

Marina Bay Sands Singapore – Christmas Decoration Lighting Show

Uncaged Into the Deep

6. Cosmetics & Beauty Videos

At COCO Creative Studio, we are dedicated to producing high-quality videos for cosmetics and beauty products. We always strive to capture and showcase the details that are of importance to you and your brand. We focus on presenting your products in a visually appealing and genuine way, fostering customer trust and elevating your brand image. Allow us to showcase the finest aspects of your products to display the unique features of your product to your audiences.

Experimental CGI Animation for SK-II X Maison Kitsune

BP De Silva – Product Video

COCO Creative Studio Fashion Video

7. Fashion & Lifestyle Videos

COCO Creative Studio offers fashion and lifestyle video services tailored to showcase the essence and style of your brand. With a team that possesses a sharp eye for aesthetics and a passion for storytelling, we creatively craft videos that capture your brand’s spirit and build a strong connection with your target audience. From fashion shows to lifestyle advertisements and lots more, our skilled videographers and editors are committed to bringing your vision to life. Elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience with our creative fashion and lifestyle video services.

Store Jewelry

Colourealism: Colour Calibration with Datacolor

BenQ Photographer Monitor SW272Q – Review Video

8. Hospitality Videos

At COCO Creative Studio, we specialize in delivering high-quality video services catered for the hospitality industry, designed to breathe life into your brand while leaving a lasting impression. e. Ranging from showcasing a luxury hotel to an exquisite dining experience and more, our high-quality video productions capture the special essence of your offerings. Boost your online visibility and expand your customer base with our professional and expert video production. Achieve the art of visual storytelling and enable your establishment to shine with COCO Creative Studio’s hospitality videography.

Grand Hyatt Interior Hospitality Video A

Orchid Hotel Room 2022

Oche Restaurant – Inside – Video E


COCO Creative Studio is expanding its video production services to Paris, France. We offer a wide range of diverse visual solutions, including commercial videos, product videos, social media videos, corporate videos, event videos, cosmetics and beauty videos, fashion and lifestyle videos, and hospitality videos. Founded by Jose Jeuland, the creative studio combines local insight with innovative approaches to deliver exceptional creative solutions tailored to the specific needs of French clients. With a dedication to excellence, our goal is to capture the essence of your special moments and manifest your vision to life. Get in touch with us to explore how our high-quality services can elevate your brand. Learn more about COCO Creative Studio’s Video Production here.

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