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Adidas Members Week

Project Objective

In collaboration with Adidas, we embarked on an exciting lifestyle photography project for their Members Week campaign. Our team captured captivating moments that showcased the spirit of Adidas and the unique experiences offered during this special event. Through our lens, we brought the energy, style, and passion of the campaign to life, creating visuals that resonated with the target audience and reflected the brand’s essence.

Media Feature

Our collaboration with Adidas for their Member’s Week Campaign received extensive recognition, with our photos and videos prominently showcased across all Adidas platforms in Asia, garnering widespread acclaim. Not only has COCO Creative Studio’s work been featured on various Adidas Instagram accounts across Asia, but also on banners, posters, display panels inside, and outside Adidas stores. The exposure has enhanced Adidas’s brand presence and also cemented our reputation as a prominent force in the industry. We take immense pride in this achievement and eagerly anticipate continuing our journey of crafting exceptional and influential content.