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You name it, we do it. As a video production team, aside from specializing in corporate videos, we cater largely to a wide range of other videos like Product Introduction Videos, Livestream Video Broadcasts and Event Coverage Videos, Documentary, Commercial, Travel to name a few. We believe strongly in the art of documenting key moments for good branding. Going along the latest advancements in technology, we can name more reasons than our fingers can count as to why organisations need videos for their brand. As much as a picture speaks a hundred words, images are limited in what they can do for your brand and often fall short in articulating the brand’s key messages and beliefs. Audiences are becoming more selective and discerning as they lean towards their choice of content over the internet. Apart from traditional media sources, it is via the targeted online platforms that brands can increase their visibility and traction.

Our videos services include:

  • Corporate
  • Launch product or service
  • Advertising / Commercials
  • Events
  • Institution
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Storytelling
  • Documentary
  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Feature Films
  • Music Videos
  • Web Integrated Content
  • Motion graphics and animation

Marina Bay Sands Christmas Deco

Marina Bay Sands Singapore –  The Christmas decoration installation was very impressive in both locations in the Mall of Marina Bay Sands building in the middle of all the luxurious band shops and at the one in the hotel lobby.

Institute of Motion – Sport SG

We produced this video for our American based client – HEALTH COACHING at Sport SG hub / office. It is a new program for health coaching from USA. Coaches were from US and Singapore. Directed by Jose Jeuland with a crew of 9 people.

Vintec  –   Electrolux

We produced this corporate video Vintec and Electrolux in two locations in Singapore, in Basque Kitchen by Aitor and in the iconic Pollen Restaurant. Both restaurant are part of  Unlisted Collection. Vintec is a wine cabinet company specialist.

Film Documentary Okinawa Longevity

This short film documentary is produced by COCO Creative Studio and directed by the Photographer Jose Jeuland. This documentary started in 2017, it is about the understand more about the longevity and health in Okinawa, Japan.

The North Face – Jose Jeuland

THE NORTH FACE presents “ Longevity Okinawa Project ‘’ – Behind The scenes of José Jeuland French Photographer based in Singapore and an ambassador for The North Face. Jose specialises in documentary, editorial and commercial work.

Longevity Okinawa Teaser Exhibition

José Jeuland will embark on an international photography exhibition for the second time in Singapore. From 19 April to 30 May 2019, José will showcase his photography documentary titled Longevity Okinawa.



Video of the fantastic Singapore Zoo, one of the most beautiful in the world. It was film by Jose Jeuland with the new FUJIFILM X-T3 and the 200mm lens.

The Art of Chinese Medicine

The Art of Chinese Medicine will also bring about a refreshing twist in the aesthetics of the products put together and zooms in on the packaging of each of them.

Opening Party COCO

House warming party of our both companies for COCO PR & COCO Creative Studio in our new office and photography studio in Singapore. Very blessed to have the support of our clients, partners, medias.

Shangri-La Hotel Time-lapse

Time-Lapse video of the restaurant Origin Grill Bar at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore during the setting of the room and table. The restaurant was getting ready to host a travel organisation event.

Portfolio of Jose Jeuland

Video clip of the photographer Jose Jeuland of his photography portfolio. A mix photographs of street, documentary, fashion, portrait, travel, reportage, editorial. A lot of his images are in black and white.


FUJIFILM CZ hosted a photography exhibition with FUJIFILM World X-Photographers in Prague. Jose was one of them and conducted a talk and workshop in the beautiful streets of Prague.

FUJIFILM X-E3 launch x Jose Jeuland

Product launch of a new mirrorless camera for the FUJIFILM X-E3. Footage of the video was done in Sri-Lanka during a travel journey of 3 weeks and also in Singapore for the close-up of the camera and location shoot.

VIP Events Photography exhibition

Video of the VIP Opening event of the HAENYEO Photography Exhibition by Jose Jeuland. The event was taken on the 27th October 2017 in iconic The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

HAENYEO Exhibition Singapore

Teaser of the Photography exhibition, dive into the disappearing world of Haenyeo and experience one of Korea’s most cherished traditions through the lens of Jose Jeuland, presented in monochrome and colour.

IGTV – Instagram TV The North Face

IGTV video for instagram format for THE NORTH FACE presents “ Longevity Okinawa Project ‘’ BTS of José Jeuland French Photographer based in Singapore and an ambassador for The North Face. Jose specialises in documentary, editorial and commercial work.


  • Plan
  • Idea & Creativity
  • Storyboard & Scriptwriting
  • Production
  • Post Production & Animation
  • Distribution

For Various Departments Within your Company

Corporate Communications
Sales / Marketing
Business Development
Technical Support
Customer Service
Human Resource
Media / Investor Relations

Different Uses of Video Corporate

The first impression counts. Crafted artfully to increase brand awareness and grow market presence, the video would tell your stakeholders who you are and what you do and how committed you are in making business with them.

Social Media Video

Videos on social media platforms are one of the most effective and efficient ways of reaching out and engaging with your audiences and turning prospective audiences into long-term clients.

Product Video

A picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes the best way to sell a product is to show how it works.

Recruitment Video

Corporate recruitment videos serve as morale boosters for current employees and attract the right prospective ones. It is your company vision and values that attract like-minded individuals to work towards a common goal.

Seminar Video

A recording of the conference with Livestream broadcast which offers audiences accessibility during and after the event, likewise stakeholders longevity in their content.

Music Video

Combining the makings of audio and visual stimuli, a good music video does more than carry a tune.

Event Video

The production of videos for corporate events ranging from product launches to celebrating a milestone success of your brand. We create videos that gather the latest intel and happenings in the industry to keep your stakeholders actively involved and engaged.

Training Video

Training videos tailored for service and safety to educate employees and relevant stakeholders of operational procedures, establish consistency in standards and increase the level of concerted consciousness on the given operational guidelines.

Live Streaming

Live streaming of any corporate broadcast, conference, seminar or event.

Understanding Your Audience

It is not enough to simply create content. To establish a connection with your target audience, it is quintessential to delve deeper and understand their level of knowledge, demographic and lifestyles. People can forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. The core making of a great brand is good relations and the right experience. Whether it is video production or corporate photography, our team of specialized creatives deliver steadfast work for every project. We believe every client is unique and we pledge to deliver that in the best way possible, beyond expectations.

Videography – Video Recording Production

Back in the days, producing a video can be costly and labor-intensive. After the rise of digital media and film, video directors are now able to record footages, immortalize them in soft copy and transfer them across channels using a simple hard drive or SD Card. This has drastically shortened production time. Videography has evolved to become synonymous to video production.

Types of Videography Services

Corporate Video Production
Event Video Production
Conference Video Production
Seminar Video Production
Training Video Production
Social Media Video Production
Music Video Production
Aerial Video Production

Gears and Video Contents

Cameras are a major part of the storytelling process and they can be very costly, excluding the camera lenses, depending on their reaction to lighting and focal depth. We offer a wide range of equipment that cater to every specific client need and are dedicated to make the budget work without compromising on the storytelling technique and content.

Corporate Video Production

Set your goals and map out what you want to achieve. Our team of creatives will advise you as to how you can execute your storytelling process based on the key message of your brand. To uphold a professional brand image for instance, motion control equipment for filming will be essential. Ultimately though, it is the creative game plan our team crafts collaboratively with you that makes the brand.

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