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Fashion and Lifestyle Video Production  Singapore

Fashion and lifestyle industries can use video production to capture the attention of audiences in Singapore.

Both fashion and lifestyle video production and photography have the same purpose- to present the product or service with a human element to relate to and engage with the viewer. So when would you need videos over photos?
At times, written content or photographs may not be enough to represent your brand’s products or services in the way you want.
Perhaps you want to show off how the material of a dress shimmers and changes in the sunlight, or record the hiss and sizzle of a steak being grilled in a culinary workshop. These are attributes that may be more difficult to capture in writing or in photographs.
This is where fashion and lifestyle videos come in. Imagine a model wearing the dress and walking in the park under the morning sun, or that moment when a student chef places a perfectly marbled steak on the hot grill, releasing that signature sputter and hiss. When captured on video, these moments inject life into your products and services, allowing you to capture elusive details that are harder to express in text or photos.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

Our fashion and lifestyle video production services in COCO Creative Studio Singapore bring energy to your products or services, creating content that is engaging and relatable to your audience.
Our videographers are professional and detail-oriented- we will not only ensure your videos are visually-appealing, but will also balance artistic vision with real-life practicality so the content accurately reflects how your product or service should be used.

We can work with your brand to create videos for a wide variety of platforms- from videos for a new collection release, to creating content for a marketing campaign, or more casual videos for social media or your brand website. Contact us at or through our contact page for more information about our fashion and lifestyle video production services.