Portrait Photography

Portraits are a great way of capturing your favourite moments.

What Is A Portrait

Taking a portrait is one of the highest forms of professional photography. It is a type of photograph that captures a person or a group of people, telling a story or showing their personality in a representation that is true to them. Having a good lighting, composition, background, and pose are elements that will help in creating a beautiful portrait.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and that is why it is important to keep the eyes and face in sharp focus while letting the rest softly fade into the background. However, it truly depends on what you wish to focus on the photograph to tell your very own story.

Portraits also include headshots that are taken mostly for resumés, work use, castings or even personal branding. It is therefore important for the subject to look their best and have the most flattering images of themselves.

Why Should You Choose Us

At COCO Creative Studio, our photographers’ experiences from travelling around the world and taking pictures of different people and lifestyles have deeply impacted their individual art direction. This gives them a unique perspective and approach to their craft especially when it comes to something as important and delicate as a portrait itself.

A good portrait expresses a person well through the picture. By choosing our photographers to be in charge of taking your portraits, you will be able to witness the unique perspective through their camera lens and a drawing out the hidden side of the subject that you will not be able to capture in other places.

Our Areas of Expertise

We focus and divide our photography into 3 sections; In studio, Outdoor and On location.

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01. In Studio

We work in our state of the art studio to provide you with the best services. We ensure you feel comfortable and have control over your photographs. We work with studio lighting, an array of backdrops as well as customizable packages.

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02. Outdoor

We are available for outdoor shoots. We work as a team to get you the best shot possible. We bring an array of equipment to ensure that we are prepared for all the possible challenges we may face in the great outdoors. We are also flexible to our client’s needs.

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03. On Location

We work with our clients to provide photography services for businesses, both individual and corporate. We travel to your place of work and help capture pictures which truly reflect what your company is all about.

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