Interior Photography

Interior photography is key in showcasing the feeling and warmth of your establishment.

What Is Interior Photography?

A style of photography that’s dedicated to architectural design and spaces, interior photography seeks to highlight aesthetically pleasing elements of houses or commercial spaces. It’s about working with different forms of lighting – from natural light to various types of flashes, to spotlight a particular aesthetic of the space. It’s about skilfully manoeuvring the confined limits of space and working with angles to redefine perspectives of interior spaces.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

With years of expertise in shooting spaces for brands such as Shangri-La Hotels, CE LA VI, Marriott,,, Belmond, our team of photographers have a keen eye for identifying aspects of an interior that make for visually captivating representations of living or commercial spaces. With our long-standing experience and versatility, we commit ourselves to explore every nook and cranny of an interior, bringing to life its unique character and style.

Our Areas of Expertise

We focus and divide our photography into 2 main sections; Outdoor and architecture. This means we cater to the exterior of the buildings as well.

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01. On Location

We work with our clients to provide photography services for businesses, both individual and corporate. We travel to your place of work and help capture pictures which truly reflect what your company is all about.

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02. Architecture

We are available for outdoor shoots. We work as a team to get you the best shot possible. We bring an array of equipment to ensure that we are prepared for all the possible challenges we may face in the great outdoors. We are also flexible to our client’s needs.

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